Monday, December 21, 2009

Another Manic Monday

Wow, here it is my 99th post and I've only been trying to write it for the past twenty minutes. I have help today. The royal court is home for holiday vacation which makes it harder to get things done. You know in between, "I need..." and "I want..." and "You never!" I try to write.

It's not always easy. Especially with the, baking, wrapping, decorating, caroling, visiting, and any other special event that pops up two days beforehand. So, if you keep up with my sidebar "What I'm Up To," You'll see that I have rearranged a little. Stolen Years is possibly a scrap project. I don't know yet, I'm giving it time to simmer. While it simmers, I'm still so in love with Addiction (My nano project) that I decided to concentrate more on editing and revisions. In the meantime, I try to think of new plots, settings and characters to start on something new. Why do I do this to myself?? I bet you all do it too. :0)
And since I haven't written anything new, I'm beginning to panic. It's my own fault, deciding that writing new words each day was a neccessity. What was I thinking??

Much like any other job, we work daily, we pour out our heart and soul into a page and then wield a bloody sword to chop it to pieces. That's hard work. Sooooo....don't we deserve vacations? I mean, seriously, we put in our time. There needs to be a balance of that hard work with the fun stuff that most daytime job people do while on vacation. We are lucky in the sense that writing isn't so terrible. It's what we love, our passion. But even our passions can wane.

Are you feeling the need for a vacation, but telling yourself no? I think you should re-evaluate. Wouldn't your writing be fresh and fun again if you put it down for a few days? Especially for a few days during a very inspiring time of year. Do you give yourself regular breaks? Or do you feel (like I used to) that you must work seven days a week?  Let me know, fellow bloggers, and maybe I'll hand down mandatory vacations. :0) Have a great week!


  1. I'm definitely feeling a litle fatigued and am looking forward to a break. I probably break more than I should.

  2. I'm breaking for the holidays! My family deserves a little more time with me than they've been getting. I appreciate all their support. Hopefully my writing will be refreshed after the break.

  3. I take a break when I reach the end of a first draft or any draft. LOL. I need that down time. Especially since as I near the end I start cramming in as much as possible because I just want it to be over. I need the recoup time after that. Besides that life often intrudes to force breaks on me though those breaks are never planned and I get irritated with them as I think about how much I could have written or edited.

    On the goal of writing new words. Remember editing is writing. Just have a goal for editing if you are editing that day instead of writing. For my mafia romantic suspense (which is sitting on the sidelines again as my space opera and secret nonfiction project step to the front of the line) when I sit down for that my goal is a chapter a day, but this is entering in revisions and polishes from paper back to the computer. I'm not doing any extensive writing, I'm polishing and making notes where I need to rework a scene that I'll then go back in the next rewrite to fix. For my space opera I am am in extensive rewrite mode so I try to do at least three pages or a thousand words a day (if it's easy copy edits I fly through it, but if I have to add and add to the scene then it can take a while).

  4. My day job takes up a lot of time, so as it is I'm fitting in writing when I can. I don't feel guilty if I miss some days because I'm usually thinking about it anyway. :)

  5. I feel your pain girlie. This past week has been nuts and its only getting closer to xmas. I'm not writing as much as I'd like, but I know after xmas I can look at things with a fresh perspective.
    Karen’s Blog

  6. We definitely struggle with this, but like last year, have taken a break over the holidays. Things seem to move a bit slow in December, so it feels kind of natural. And then, come January, we are ready and rearing to go!

  7. I take breaks all the time! (Too often in fact). If I don't feel like writing for a week (or a month) I just don't write. I think I'm going to try to be more regular with my writing next year. :)

  8. Well, I've been on a writing break for about a week now, but that's because I'm stuck. However, the ideas are starting to churn again, so I'm itching to get back at it. Today hasn't been good because of the whole Kissing Day Blogfest. I've been totally distracted reading kissing scenes all day, which hasn't really been a bad thing after all.

  9. Angelia: Thank you for reminding me of those ever so important 'other' writing duties that are writing. :0) You are so good for me!
    Tamika: Absolutely! Our families need us occasionally...but we need them more! :)
    Jemi: I envy your guilt free lifestyle. LOL
    Karen, Lisa and Laura: Something about the new year, right? I love to start fresh on the first of January with anything I do. :)
    Natalie: I bet you don't break too much. We just think we do. :)
    Melissa: Well, distracted by kissing isn't all that bad. :)


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