Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday's Writing

My good blogging pal, Glasshalfful Gal, is starting a Creative Writing Challenge game on her blog. We haven't worked out all the deets yet, but it sure sounds like a good way to kick that writing muse in the rear!

She plans to begin on Saturday with our first short story due April 1st. So, head over to her blog and check it out! I plan on participating to try and get my discipline back!!

Speaking of discipline......for Wednesday's Writing, I want to know if you have a schedule or routine to go with your writing? I've tried many, many different forms of scheduling my writing time and it's not easy with a job that doesn't keep the same days off from week to week, three children and a husband. I imagine it's not easy if you do have a job with regular days off and you have no children. Let's face it; there's always something else that needs to be done, right?

My latest and greatest attempt looks like this:

WIP ONLY: Mon, Wed, Fri for 2 hours
weekends if possible

REVISING ONLY: Tues, Thurs for one hour
Friday if possible

BLOG POSTING ONLY: Saturday or Sunday

Let's see if this at least gets me back into the swing of sitting at my computer to write...not to facebook. ;) What are your tricks?


  1. Wow, your schedule is so scheduled. LOL. I try to be a little looser. If I am working on a new project (fresh words). I have to do 1000 words a day and if I miss I have to make it up the following day. When I do the words varies depending on what is going on that day. I'm editing right now (been doing a lot of that recently) so I try to work when the girls are at school. The bulk of my work is usually accomplished during the school hours now that they are in school this year. Facebook is a time suck. When I'm writing fresh. No facebook and no blogs until those 1,000 words have written. Amazing how quickly I can write when I have motivation like that.

  2. my trick is... deadlines. Ha ha!! Having someone sitting across the country tapping their fingers for my material makes me MAKE it a priority.

    I get way sidetracked by the internet. I'm learning to close the computer and just work. Learning. Not quite there yet.


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