Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wednesday's Writing.. .Lazy Writing

I was looking over an old manuscript and found this passage.....

The mountains soared all around me with incredible color. I couldn’t name half of the trees or plants in the mountains, but I had always loved walking this road for the scenery. The mountains remained my highlight through everything over the years. I had even hiked them a time or two.

I was immediately struck by my laziness. Instead of naming off trees and plants that this character would obviously know...just by them being a highlight over the years; I made my character take the fall as ignorant. What kind of lame friend does that??

Have you found any examples of lazy writing in your manuscripts? Or are you too scared to call yourself out on it? :) Until next time....

Keep a Smile on!


  1. My HS English / Lit teacher really pushed us to be the best writers we could be. Of course, I just thought she was being unfair and harsh. All those papers I thought were brilliantly written . . . and all of them coming back with DETAILS! DETAILS! written in the margin. But I get it now, and I'll be forever grateful to her.

  2. It can be kind of embarrassing to look back at the older work. I was the queen of info-dump before I knew anything! At least I can see how far I've come :)


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