Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday's Theories

During my long absence, I decided I needed to have a more organized blogging schedule. Or topics. I used to just blog on the fly. I think I've run out of that stream of writing consciousness. :) And so one of the things I'm going to start every week is Thursday's Theories or Theory; depending on how well I've processed life previous to writing the post. ;)

Today is a smorgasboard of theories....

1) Science Fair projects no matter how well intended for educational purposes, are a pain my ass. Yep, I actually swore because that's how much I hate them. I hated them as a kid and now I hate them as a parent. And I don't do all the work. That's not the reason. It's mostly because Science just isn't my thing and so it's hard for me to process my eleven year old Science-Genius talk about what she wants to experiment with. Is it anything that is simple, like growing mold or using different plant foods? Nope. I'm not even going to go into it on here it's that 'complicated.' Thank goodness the Court Jester is more inclined to be helpful in that subject area.

2) In general, people as a whole have gotten incredibly lazy. So lazy that they can't read menus before ordering, instructions before building, signs before entering/exiting/merging/not merging. And don't get me started on work ethic.

3) The youngest child is spoiled because I'm parents are exhausted by then. Although I'm still trying to keep some semblance of order in the court; my Young Prince wins a lot. Possibly too much. I see it in Princess Rhiannon's eyes. "I never got away with that!" You know; bedtime, eating in the living room, eating whatever he wants, eating whenever he wants (look, I just want him to eat), etc... I'm just too damn tired to battle every single thing he does 'wrong' because then I would never, ever stop yelling, talking, time-outing and smoking.

4) The experts say that quitting smoking is harder than kicking heroin. Fabulous. I've been trying to use mind over matter as I slowly cut down. I'm not doing the whole cold turkey thing. Why? Because I'm too much of a wimp. Quitting causes certain receptors on our cells to die. DIE. Like, withering away. I know it's good in the long run, but those receptors dying off is what creates withdrawals. So, experts suggest that you slowly step down. *sigh* However, I'm continuing to change my attitude about smoking. I'm hoping that if I keep saying to myself, "you're a non-smoker" it will eventually sink in. Okay, it's not that easy either, but......

What's your theory/thought for today??


  1. #4) I found if you don't smoke as soon as you get out of bed, eventually you can not smoke until after you take the kids to school, then make it until after lunch, then only smoke like one an hour. As for work, I 'd have one before I went in, did my shift without smoking, have one after the rush, then one on my way home and done. Mind over matter. But the longer you put off having one in the morning, the easier it is to not smoke during the rest of the day. It's a process, and doable, and for a long long time I only smoked 5 cigarettes a day. Because that was all I needed, my body didn't crave, I got used to not smoking until my "Time" was up, and even though I cut way down, in my head, I was still smoking so it didn't get on my nerves.

    I hate science too but worse than that they're teaching division in Kindergarten. Math division in Kindergarten. What is wrong with this idea?

  2. Good luck quitting the smoking. Too bad we can't quit science projects too!

  3. I think Anne has great advice for quitting smoking. Of course, I've never smoked a cigarette in my life, so I certainly can't judge how difficult this must be for you. I just know that it is. How about you set aside a certain amount of money for cigarettes each month so it forces you to conserve (and cut down)? Each month, reduce the money available by what a pack costs (and put that money into a savings account). Maybe if you can see how much money you're spending on cigarettes, that would be more incentive to cut back / stop.

    Science projects - ick. I'm so glad we don't have to do them at my kids' school.

    The youngest child - Oh, yes. It's definitely more difficult to remain firm with them. But they'll walk all over you if you don't.

  4. As a youngest child myself, I can tell you we can be extra naughty just to get you to prove you care about us as much as our older siblings. So try to rouse yourself to be firm--it will help your little guy's sense of security and self-esteem so much. Consistency shows that every kid is equally valued.

  5. Hey Kristi...I'm giving you the Sweet Blogger Award.


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