Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Proof Positive

So, five days of positive posts is my goal this week. How about today we talk about positivity in the workplace? I knew you'd want to listen to my rant on this one. ;)

Did you know it is proven that a motivational leader with positive affirmations will triumph over a company/leader that does not give their employees a pat on the back sometimes?? It's scientific. If I felt like searching for the statistics that I learned many years ago, I'd give them to you. But it's early, I haven't slept much and I figure you guys trust me. Right?

There are two magic words that one can use in the workplace. These words are not even long or difficult to spell or speak. They can make hours worth of difference in a work day. These words are simply:


When a person hears a compliment, endorphins are actually released. Bet you didn't know that, did you? Not as many as exercise, but chemically speaking, we do respond to compliments. By releasing such endorphins, the employee is motivated to continue the work and even tempted to raise their quality of work.

In a company where employees rarely saw a supervisor or manager of any kind to encourage them; their production level is only met at required levels. Morale is low and generally friendships are not forged. Turnover rate is high and quality of work is just barely there.

So, while you are at work today, choose someone you've never really spoken to before and perhaps mention that they're doing a great job. Or that you love their smile. Appreciate their work. Even if it's the janitor-your toilet wouldn't be clean without him/her.


  1. I consider my home my work environment (obviously, because I'm a WAHM) in the terms that I am the boss and my children are my employees. I'm much more likely to get the to respond to me by offering praise than either not saying anything at all or constantly yelling at them. I've worked in tense office environments before, and it is NOT fun!

  2. So true!! I can think back at places I've worked and the places I remember loving the best are those where there was a lot of positivity, not necessarily those with the best reputations or most money (I was a teacher; trust me, money didn't make a school better!)

    I think it's important to say those positive things all the time... I love that you pointed out the janitor. Talk about a dirty and unappreciated job, and yet how much we love CLEAN GOOD SMELLING public bathrooms!!

  3. It's so true that a little praise is a huge motivator. I've definitely seen a difference in the quality of my work when I'm stoked by a word of praise rather than merely trying to avoid criticism. In the former case, I've been more likely to innovate and try new things. In the latter, I played it safe and just did exactly what was asked, nothing more.

  4. Oh, Kristi, this is so important! It is amazing what a difference a few smiles and positive comments can make in a working environment.


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