Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Should We All Have a Label?

I was thinking of writing. Which is good, considering I haven't had time to think of much of anything except table numbers and food orders and extra dressing....(crazy dreams every time I start a job)

I digress. I thought about how snotty I am when it comes to reading and if I would want my readers to feel the same. You see, I love James Patterson's crime novels. I noticed his recent release is co-written. I wrinkled my nose. I read one of his other books co-written with someone completely different. I will say it wasn't bad, but it wasn't a single voice and I noticed it. Neither one a bad voice. Each one enjoyable. But to me a little discerning. Kind of like I was cheating on my author with another one right in front of him. *gasp!*

Then he went and wrote different genres. I judged without even reading these books. I came to a realization that I was not behaving as a writer should. I should applaud his ability to move within the writing world and come out shining every time. I should be relieved that it's okay to have several different kinds of books going on at once. I should rip off the label of "Alex Cross" (his fabulous main character in the crime novels that are still my faves)and move along forward...with the author. Not against him.

Yeah, these realizations sometimes suck.

I also realized that I possibly have ADD that has never been diagnosed. Which is what led me to thinking about the whole label issue in our society. If I do have ADD...do I really need to know? At this point in my life, what would it do for me? Slow me down? Oh crap, that would triple my problems. So, then I started thinking about writing again....

Yeah, I'm ADD.


  1. I think if you want to put a label on yourself that's fine but make sure it's a good one.

    My labels exist only to differentiate myself during the course of the day. Mother, daughter, writer. That's pretty much it. As I have no life it's pretty easy to keep them separate.

    As for writers who move around genre's, I think it's how we grow. I wrote Regency romance, now I'm onto women's fiction, I also have a YA started along with a category romance and a plain old romance. They may not ever be finished but trying them out is half the fun.

    Don't put yourself into a box you don't need. If you don't want to be ADD then don't be it. You are wife, mother, writer, waitress etc. Why be anything that's not good?

  2. You weren't cheating! He's the one who started it by inviting you to a threesome!

    Don'tcha mean OCD?

    Actually it sounds like a good plot to me... disgruntled reader takes it out on... who? The fave author? the new co-author? You could write it!

  3. I kind of wrinkle my nose at him, too. For the same reason. Probably shouldn't. Good luck with your new job...and the undiagnosed ADD :)

  4. I heard James Patterson speak in DC and HE is ADD!!! Seriously! He writes with co-writers because he had 23 manuscripts going at any one time, spread out on a desk the circles his office on all four walls, and he slides between them on his swiveley chair, moving from one to another as the mood hits him. And then he outlines stories and doesn't have time to write or the attention span to see it to the end and so hires others to write for him.

    Yeah. That's ADD. And the only label I see him wearing is genius. And millionaire.

    Whatever you have, make it work for you. Don't define it or let it define you.

    As for genre-swapping, I guess I figure if writers want to do that and have enough money and clout to pull it off, good for them. I may not follow, but good for them. When Garth Brooks wanted to give up country and be some weird name rock star, more power to him. I didn't figure it would last (it didn't) and I wasn't about to buy the new album, but hey, if he has the money to reinvent himself, why not? Don't we all wish we could do that sometimes? :)

  5. Whoa! I wrote a lot! Sorry about that! :)

  6. As a teacher I work with lots of kids who have ADHD. In my opinion it's often linked to creativity. There's something about how the brain bounces from idea to idea to idea that fosters that creative spark. There are ways to manage it when it interferes with what you want to do - good luck with it!


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