Monday, August 30, 2010

Finally breathing....

I poke fun at those that depend upon their iPhones, laptops or other devices, but let's be honest. I went for a week without my internet access working or my cell phone which works in a pinch.

Oh. My. God.

Would you like to know my first instinct? "What does my Facebook status say right now? How am I going to change it? OMG EVERYONE WILL THINK I'M DEAD!" After rationalizing with myself that I'm not exactly queen popularity on FB, the next thought came tumbling out before I had time to stop it.

"MY BLOG! Oh no. I didn't have enough posts scheduled and what if I miss something important from my fellow bloggers?  I just know that today is the day that agent X will check me out and try to contact me... and OH NO........


Uh huh. Pathetic, right? So, the saying really is true-those things you point out about others are often the flaws you yourself possess.


  1. LOL! The power cord for my old mac burst into flames this summer and the battery is long dead and I was without computer for a few days. It was awful!!

    I'll clearly admit I'm an addict.

    Glad you're back. :)

  2. I understand completely! The first thing I do when I get home is check my blog, email, facebook, and twitter. I'm an addict:)

  3. LOL :)

    My laptop crashed a few months back and it took weeks to get it back. I had my iPod Touch, but it's impossible to keep up on it. The screen's too small for my eyes and I'm not very quick typing on that tiny screen!

  4. I like to schedule my technology breaks and I do enjoy them that way. But when it's unscheduled - the panic attacks begin.

  5. Face it...the world we live in is on line...and it's pretty darn scary when we aren't there too. Glad you are back.


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