Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WIP Wednesday!

Instead of my usual excerpt and show of editing, today I want to talk about all the different ways we write through our ideas.

I've tried. Truly, really and poured sweat out trying. I can't do it. This is the closest I get to an outline....

  1.        Introduce main character, Jimmy, in school....conversation with friend about home
  2.        Mom and Jimmy are fighting more and more since the divorce....
  3.        Jimmy wants to run away and live with his dad. get the idea. :0) Very broad.

Sometimes I start with nothing more than a scene in my head. I find inspiration in funny places and in obvious places. Sometimes a sentence pops in my head that won't get out. Eventually I have to write it and see if it goes somewhere. If it does, I start to map little things out to keep me moving forward. Like this:

There is something very freeing about writing on a white board. Especially in multiple colors!

I also have been known to use notecards for visual reminders of where my scenes should be progressing.

So tell me, what are some of your tricks to keep the story going?


  1. Sometimes I jot down scenes too before I start writing. I actually keep a file of snippets, ideas, dialogue, etc.. for each wip.

  2. I just started doing this weird outline thing. I write the mc's names then list things about them underneath:
    * runs 3 miles a day no matter what
    * obsessed with horses

    I do this for all characters. I also make a title for Dialogue, Plot Ideas, etc. It seems to work for me so far.


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