Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mid Summer Blue Dream

This past weekend has been a little tough on me emotionally. I've had this roller coaster of being very angry, hurt, confused....possibly in need of being committed? Nah. At any rate, it's made it difficult to write. However, it has also pointed out some valid points to consider while creating your cast of characters in each novel.

While I agree that it is a good idea and fun way to get to know your characters with lists of questions including what kind of music they like, what is their ideal occupation when they "grow up" or if they are-what is the occupation? Favorite colors? Foods?

What about emotions?
If your character is mad; do they cry? Yell and cuss? Laugh? (some people do, ya know!)
Does your character confront problems head on with strength and the courage to know that whatever the outcome is, it needs to be done? Or try to glaze over the problem with some icing and walk away? Do they tell you if they're sad? Do you remember those days that were seemingly perfect, but you were still sad? I have those days, still; but especially as a teenager did I suffer from 'nonsensical depression' as I called it.

If you're struggling, maybe you should consider the emotions your characters are experiencing as you take them through your own made up plot! :0)


  1. You keep pointing out reasons I don't write, Kristi. I'm one of those people who just wants to put pen to paper and have a go at it. I'd also like to put brush to canvas and have a go at that.

    You have the best, most helpful tips on how to move forward with a project, but I am a dabbler.....

  2. Yes! And the emotions they trigger in others or others trigger in them.

  3. I think one of my writing strengths is knowing the emotions of my characters and being able to show how/why they react the way the do. I may not show their hair colour - I always have to go back in and add description - but I know how they act when they're ticked off! :)

  4. Getting to my characters emotional state and putting that across on paper is something that I'm striving to improve on.

  5. You know what I love about being a writer? We can take awful situations.. like your weekend ... and turn it into something helpful. :)

    Great points!


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