Thursday, June 3, 2010

In a World without Writers...

In a world without writers...

There would be no colors, for no one would have taken the time to name them.
There would be no songs, no instruments of music.
We would not know the power of imagination, without writers.

Without writers we would know nothing different, for no one would have had time to document their experiences.
There would be no speeches of inspiration, motivation or revolution.
There would be no entertainment....
We would not feel if not for writers.

Where would you be without writers?


  1. This made me pause and think.
    Yes, where would we be if we did not have people who give us the eyes to see, and the ears to hear.

  2. It hit me right away: where would Christianity be without writers? Nothing but a fading verbal story, passed down from generation to generation.

    Yes, it's the same with other faiths, but I'm Christian - and it would have changed my life dramatically if there had been no writers.


  3. IT WOULD BE INSANITY!!!!!! Wow you really hit me with this post... made me think about how awful a world would be without writers! You would have no Television, radio, novels, NOTHING! People don't know how much writing plays a part in the world~

  4. I really like this. As someone who reads to escape reality for a while, and thus saving my sanity, a world without writers would be a very dreary world to be sure.

  5. What would I do with my free time? Bake? :)

  6. I would be..I don't know! I cannot imagine a world without writers, nor the world without being a writer.

    Happy weekend:)


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