Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

I skipped WIP Wednesday because my internet was not working for most of the day and by the time it all clicked back on, it was almost Thursday anyway. So....we'll try that again next week, shall we?

I'm going to a fitness club today to check out what they offer. Apparently, it's a lot like home hunting. You have to tour and ask questions about hidden costs or repairs. :0) It's not just for my physical self that I'm doing's for my mental health and my competitive health. You see...SOMEONE (named Melissa) is always updating her status to something all perky like, "Spent 30 minutes on the Treadmill and LOVED IT!" Grrr. Gee, thanks, Melissa for making me feel the need to go find a damn treadmill. :0)

My head is covered in baby oil. So is Princess Kayla's and by the end of the day so will Princess Rhiannon. Yep, I found those little annoying "nits" yesterday in Kayla's head. I haven't seen them anywhere else or in any other heads, but it's better to be safe than doing this crap every day for the next three months. TRUST ME on this. It's also time to be more severe about using the spray on conditioner and braiding hair in these summer months. Is it something about the south? We've never dealt with lice until we moved here to TN.

I'm thinking about going back to school...through online college courses...anyone out there have any stories about online education?? I'd love to hear your thoughts. This is kind of scary because I'm committing to staying in TN until I have a degree.

I'm reading through a rough draft that I printed out...163 pages of my original Nano project, Tunnel Vision. It is REALLY hard not to try and change it all as I go!! The story is pretty good. I forgot I wrote such a crappy, but awesome, first draft. :0) Do you ever do this?

So....What are your thoughts this Thursday?


  1. love your blog title - but you hear that allllllll the time, right? head lice days are behind me. My problem now is fleas. not, no. the CAT! she hangs with moles and rats and bugs like her - birds fear her.

    but enough about my cat. I'm stalking writers hoping they'll motivate me to turn blog into book....

  2. Oh ooh we did mayonnaise and wrapped my daughter's head in plastic wrap for an hour one time when she had lice -so if baby oil fails, run for the Hellman's!! No chemicals needed...just smother 'em to death. I couldn't believe that mayo was the final professional medical recommendation - why didn't someone tell me that BEFORE I bought all tbe expensive and potentially lethal shampoo kits??? I have to email you about my going back to school experience that's going to happen this summer- not online, but I finally got my butt in gear to take some actual courses and get my teaching certification active. Here we go!

  3. I've been on nit patrol ever since older DD had a friend spend the night that turned out to have lice. So far, knock on wood, nothing, but I will admit to being extremely paranoid and getting that itchy creepy feeling every time I think about it.

    I've done a ton of online ed. Both to finish my BA and working toward a certificate and for fun. So ask away on any questions you have. Either here or you can email me.

    I know that's a big decision for you to make a commitment to stay in TN.

    My thoughts this Thursday, it's to darn early to have any thoughts. LOL.

  4. The only time anyone in my family had lice was during the two years I lived in Florida. Never up north! :-)


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