Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Fun

Yay! Another week has come to a close. We are truly moving forward. I'm exhausted, but so far nothing catastrophic has hit and I'm breathing. How about you? Oh...speaking of breathing. I'm now a sheepish member of a gym that I probably shouldn't have joined. I assumed it had a pool (I could swear I smelled one...), and it doesn't. But...I already signed up. So, I will prevail. Or is that persevere? :-)

Princess Kayla will be a whopping 7 years old in August and I have the following list hung on my bulletin board in her careful, neat print.
choclet cake with vinla iceing. Please make a picker(picture) of Scooby.
presents, some petshops scooby moves (movies), scooby toys, scooby shirts, packing bag, irn man 2 the move, DS gams, party at chuck chese, ice creem mint cooke

So, I asked about the packing bag, a little concerned that she might be feeling the need to run away soon.

No...a PUNCHING bag.

That's my princess!


  1. I could use a punching back sometimes, too! What a cute note. :-)

  2. I wondered about the packing bag too - a punching bag is so much more fun! When I was a kid we had this blow up punchy thing about 4 feet high. Had a weighted bottom so it popped back up when you hit it. Lots of fun!

  3. How cute! Better a punching bag than punching a sibling! I wouldn't mind a punching bag myself some days...

  4. Those are the things you save forever! Precious!

  5. That birthday wish list is the cutest thing I've ever read! Love it!

  6. Just a guess, but does she like Scooby Doo? (lol)

    My Bug turns 12 in August. His b-day frequently falls on the first day of school. What a present, huh?

    His list is so much more expensive: at least 3 X-box games, and a subscription to X-box live.

    I feel broke already.

    Thanks for the sweetness today.



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