Friday, March 5, 2010

FIB Friday

Welcome to FIB Friday. I will try to do this each week and if you so choose to participate, click on the title to fill out the form. I will post the results later tonight or tomorrow morning.

What's your future? MASH

Also, Don't forget about the Contest! Click here for the rules, click here for the form.

TGIF, do something wonderful for someone else today. :0) Give those kids an extra squeeze, the friend an extra smile and your work an extra moment. :0)

"The most valuable of talents is never using two words when one will do." ~Thomas Jefferson


  1. I'm all about the 'extras'!!! Thanks, Kristi!!

  2. Yippee! You know how much I love these, Kristi! Can't wait to read my story.

  3. Er, was it difficult for anyone else to remember what an adjective was? I'm not sure if that's a good thing, or bad, for a writer.

    I kid. I kid. Sort of.

  4. Fun, fun, fun! I can't wait to read them. :-)

  5. Love that quote. And I can't wait to read these.

    Oh, and Kristi, thanks for praying for my Christopher. And for your friendship. I feel the love!!!! =)

    This next week I'll get to work on entering your contest. Loves ya. Happy weekend.

    Did you ever decide to quit smoking? I hope so. I wanna have ya around for a long, long time. =)


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