Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fill In the Blank Stories #3 and 4

I'm warning you-still hilarious!

From Jemi at Just Jemi

(Jemi in expensive fashion, snootily reprimands): Oh, you fuzzy muse. How could you be so fickle to run off with Tolkien?
(Muse, standing tall to her oppressor): His quill is grind and crazy. He eats me chocolates from Canada. We swim all day.
(Jemi, threatening): What about the 14 years we spent together? Swooping at the beach, raking at mice together?
(Muse): I'm in love! You never took me to Tor and he will.
(Jemi): Well, I'm pregnant with your doll.
(Muse): NO!

Hehehehe. Okay-you may have noticed by now I made an error with asking for a verb in a place that should have been an adjective. If you can spot it, I'll put your name in for a drawing to win a prize on Monday. are some cool kids. :0)

To make it even, from Princess Rhiannon...and she wanted all old fashioned soap opera dramatic. She's watched them with her grandmother before. *ahem*

Princess: Oh, you purple muse. How could you be so fickle to run off with R.L. Stein?
Muse: His scented marker is jump and tiny. He eats me chocolates from Japan. We run all day.
Princess: What about the 10 years we spent together? Racing on the beach, jumping at zoos together?
Muse; I'm in love, you never took me Scholastic and he will.
Princess: Well, I'm pregnant with your banana.
Muse: Look out!!

My personal favorite is her exclamation-kind of makes you wonder what's about to happen, eh? LOL


  1. I used to love Mad Libs! Fun stuff :)

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