Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fill In the Blank Stories #1 and 2

*Please do not be eating, drinking or operating heavy machinery while reading...*

From Melissa over at Root and Sprout

The Muse and The Author: A Soap Opera

(Melissa, in proper form of tragedy, hand to her forehead-very Scarlett): "Oh, you crabby muse! How could you  be so fickle? To run off with Stephanie Meyer?"
(Muse confidently packing her tools and tricks of the trade): Her quill is jape and infinitesimal. She swings me chocolates from Ireland. We quake together all day.
(Melissa-shock):What about the 32 years we spent together? Exclaiming on the beach, prognosticating at Toshibas together? Does it mean nothing?
(Muse-bored): I'm in love, what can I say? You never took me to Penguin and she will.
(Melissa-indignant): Well, I'm pregnant with your partner!
(Muse): Mother Effer!

I couldn't stop rolling with Melissa's choice words. :0) And, how many of those words did you have to look up?? I'm so busted with bad vocab (burying my head in a thesaurus now)!

Next up, Laurel at Laurel's Leaves.

(Laurel is angrily pacing back and forth, yelling all kinds of drama): OH! You willowy muse! How could you be so fickle? You just run off with J.K. Rowling?
(Muse, sobbing and packing a bag): Her thesaurus is thrash and putrid. She tickles me chocolates from Latvia and we juggle all day.
(Laurel): What about the 42 years we spent together? Whimpering on the beach? Doodling at creampuffs together?
(Muse): I'm in love...You never took me to Penguin and she will.
(Laurel): Well I'm pregnant! With your aardvark!
(Muse): Zut Alors!

Priceless! Pregnant with an aardvark! Also so impressed to see that your French was spelled correctly! I had to change up the emotions a bit to show what a change of punctuation and mood can do with the same basic uh..story, if you will. :0)

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  1. That was great! Thanks again, Kristi, for the fun. And I totally googled the French. I took German in school and their exclamations aren't that funny. For instance, "Toll!" means "Cool!" but in English it makes me think of those bored guys stuck in glass booths all day, collecting breeze-blown bills from drivers. So NOT cool.


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