Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Twitter and Bambi

I swear, everytime I hear the term, Twitter, I think of Bambi. Remember in the spring, when Bambi and Thumper are confused at the birds tweeting all over the place? The old Owl said they were "twitterpated." Guess what? Now, twitterpated is probably a real language in the tweeting world of twitter.

Twitter: I kind of get it. I kind of don't. I wonder if I really need to concern myself with Twitter when I'm not even ready to query anyone.I wonder if tweeting will really help and I really wonder if it's worth my time to be tweeting. 

What a tweeting mess. LOL So, what is your opinion? I see a lot of authors, agents and publishers are on Twitter, but are they helpful to the writer that is still just writing?

Sorry for such a short post today. I'm fighting some major tooth pain with some major pain pills and while it's nice to not feel pain anymore, my eyes are blurry and my brain is in the hands of some other crazy person. :0)


  1. I had the same concerns but started using Twitter anyway. That way, when you are at the point of querying you will have already built your platform. When you sign up for twitter and put in your bio and say you are a writer of YA books, others in that field will search for you based on keywords ... who knows maybe an agent will start following you on twitter. You then also link your blog to twitter so that when you write a new post you send out a "tweet" alerting all your followers to go read your blog. Again, who knows who it might bring to your blog. Go for it. It's onlly 140 characters!

  2. I wonder the same things about Twitter. I've heard there are often "writer's parties" in the evenings, where folks cheer each other on. Knowing my tendency to procrastinate, Twitter would likely become what I did instead of write--not exactly the best way to reach the dream of finishing and publishing a book. For now I'm content just trying to regularly blog and meet other writer bloggers, like your lovely self.

  3. I think social networking is important, but writing should always come first. Hope your tooth feels better.

  4. Julie: Good point, I will have to ponder that. I guess it would also be one of those "head's up" type of things.
    Laurel: Thanks for stopping by, I'm your newest follower too, great blog! Anyway-thank you for callin' me lovely. I agree that these can be huge distractions if we are not careful.
    Susan: Perfect advice! And thank you, I hope so too, because I can't write a cohesive story under the influence of the pain medicine they gave me. I mean, it's bad! LOL

  5. I joined twitter, but still don't feel totally comfortable using it. I'm a reluctant twitterer.

    I know all about tooth pain as I've had two root canals in a month. I feel for you. I hope it goes away soon.

  6. Yeah, you should join Twitter. One more thing to keep you busy. :-) LOL Well, seriously, I've learned a lot and am keeping much more up to date on what is going on in the writing world (and other worlds I participate in) via Twitter. I've found several new blogs via twitter that I love and never would have heard of otherwise. I'm also starting to get a feel for the personalities for a couple of agents that are on my query list - that comes over time not something you learn by seeing one tweet. Just start following those you already read their blogs for. There area also those conversation thingies (which I'm still learning how to do) like #kidlitchat where you'll have well known authors, agents, and editors discussing some topic with un-pubs also chiming in. Those can be pretty informative.

  7. On Bambi: Whenever I hear the name "Perry" (which isn't often), I think of a squirrel. This was a squirrel friend in the book, BAMBI'S CHILDREN (yes, there was a sequel to Bambi!).

  8. I hope your tooth gets better. First you get sick, now the tooth. Sheesh!

    I'm on twitter, but I am starting to query. Shiver

    So I feel like I need to do it. But NOTHING should stand between you and your story. Which reminds me. Gotta get off here and write. :)

  9. So sorry to hear about the tooth! I hope it heals quickly!!

    I've really struggled with the Twitter idea. I've done it, but I haven't seen a huge impact. I tweet my blog posts and usually don't get any response. I know some people feel like it's a great marketing tool, but as I see it, either you are someone people really want to follow (like a celebrity) and then you just tweet about what you're doing, or you aren't someone people know, and then you have to really, really work to make yourself interesting.

    It's exhausting, frankly.

    And time I'd much rather spend writing or building real relationships with people that aren't restricted to 140 characters.

    And yet, I still do it.

  10. I have two Twitter is personal....I follow celebs that I obsess over :) My business one is for writing related contacts....but when I log in I see tons of posts by writers, agents, etc....I reply to some but it seems no one really replies back. It seems quite impersonal, everyone is just Twitting their own thing for others to read but there seems to be no real communication between people...... I don't know...maybe I'm not on enough. I find my blog to be a much better way to network.

  11. Totally worth it, in my very humble opinion.


    If you do decide to Twitter, remember: "quality, not quantity" as it relates to the people you follow and the people who follow you.

  12. I've found Twitter to be much more than I expected. Lots of great people.

    Good luck with the tooth/teeth - that's nasty stuff.

  13. Sigh. I'm on Twitter, but I only manage to tweet about once or twice a day. I can tell I'm not using it to full advantage, but I can't seem to find the time.

    I know of one author I "follow" who tweets all the time, and her tweets are always funny or helpful. She even tweeted in the midst of a radio interview promoting her latest book (while simultaneously doing chores around her home). I don't think I would ever be that talented!

  14. I did a post a while back about the same thing. A lot of people said to go for it, but I've decided to wait a little while longer before I sign up. At least until I finish my first draft. I'm just afraid it will be another distraction for me, and I don't need that right now:)

  15. The distraction aspect is what scares me as well, however, I am one of those people that hungers for more knowledge constantly-which is both good and bad. LOL I start to get paranoid that maybe I'm missing something important. (Thank you ladies for letting me know that it isn't life changing, but a good idea when I'm ready!) I will certainly let you all know if I start tweeting, but...I don't think I'm *that* interesting

    PS: Hi Holly!! Welcome to RAW :0)

  16. Hope you feel better!

    As for Twitter...we're still getting used to it. It's definitely interesting.


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