Thursday, December 10, 2009

Short and Sweet

So, I'm going to have to be brief again today. My tooth is finally done throbbing and I'm actually NOT under the influence of pain medication this morning, but I have two princesses that want me at their school today. Humble servant that I am (ha ha), I will be gone most of the day.

Thank you everyone that posted their tweeting advice yesterday. And HELLO to my new cool kids. :0) I have decided that I will most likely sign up for it this weekend. This week I've been trying to establish some sort of schedule, or weekly goals. You'll notice a new box to the right of my blog called, "What I'm Up To" and this is for my own accountability more than anything. However, if you ever want to know-you'll be able to look there and find out.

Speaking of organization! I found through Lynn Viehl a freeware program that is like a stack of notecards. I. Am. In. Heaven. I've mentioned my affinity for notecards before, now it's on my computer. And I can write in different colors, fonts, sizes, etc.. to keep the creative side of my brain alert. You can set the program to open automatically upon loading your Word program. I think it's only for PC's though. You can check it out here. As always, remember to scan any Freeware/Shareware you download off the internet.

Another neat little website is Snow Days. I've posted a link to it on the sidebar of my blog. If you love cutting out snowflakes, or the kids love it and you don't want the mess-go here and cut out a snowflake. :0) It's pretty cool and very simple so young ones can enjoy it too.

If you are looking for more ways to procrastinate. Try a word game at East of the Web. :0) At least you're still working the vocabulary in your brain, right? Or even better, as Julie Jeff's suggested, donates to charity every time you play. Thank you, Julie!

And a little quote to think about while you do your Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanzaa shopping....
"We didn't actually overspend our budget. The allocation simply fell short of our expenditure." ~Keith Davis

Have a fabulous day!!


  1. Hmm, great links. Right now I am concentrating on my story though. I am at a crucial point. Have fun at school today.

    And the quote could have been said by MOI. :)

  2. Might I also recommend Games that Give ( If you are looking for a short distraction you can play a quick game of solitaire or hundreds of other games and each time you play a donation is made to a charity (you can choose the charity, there are several to choose from). If you're playing games on the internet anyway, why not do some good at the same time?

    BTW,I love the notecard idea, what fun, I'm an office supply addict.

  3. Robyn: Good girl! Keep going!!
    Julie; Absolutely!! Thank you for the reccomendation, I will edit the post after I comment. :0) Oh, you will LOVE MemoMaster if you are like I am!

  4. Glad your tooth is feeling better.

  5. Kirsti, thanks for visiting my blog. I'll check out some of these links...and check out your Twitter blog too...still trying to get a grasp on that.

  6. So glad you're feeling better! I may have to wander over to that snowflake website on our next snow day! :))


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