Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Inspirations-Keep Going

"What counts more than luck is determination and perseverance.

If the talent is there, it will come through. Don’t be too impatient.

Stick at it. That’s my advice." – Fred Astaire
Thanks Fred, we need that advice. Especially because you notice he says it counts more than luck-but luck is definitely part of the equation. I hear a lot of subbing authors wail that they've been rejected so many times they begin to lose confidence in their abilities. They forget they have talent. But we must persevere to catch that moment when the moon is just right and the agent reading your query has had a fabulous week and the market is looking for exactly what you just wrote.
Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. Thomas Edison
Don't be that person. Don't give up because there are people out there that want your story. They are somewhere. Keep going. Writing can be so lonely sometimes, it's crucial to have other writers in your support group to keep you from burning manuscripts and throwing computers out of the window.
I know this is all easier said than done, sometimes. I think a key turning point for me was when I made the conscious decision to write every day, to improve my writing, and to find an agent that loves my work. The rest is another journey. I still have to remind myself of that decision sometimes. I wrote a promise to myself. I didn't hang it for me to see daily or for everyone else in the world to see (my desk is in the living room), I put it in a drawer and when I'm starting to feel defeated, that is one of the things I reach for. It's a tough, serious reminder that I'm in this for the long haul.
What do you do to keep yourself inspired; not story inspired, but keep going inspired?


  1. Thanks for this post Kristi. I really needed it today! Even though I'm feeling a little defeated right now, I'm not giving up. I too am in it for the long haul. And perhaps it's our determination to grow, to get better, to become the best writers that we can be that makes us true writers. One day that will pay off. :)


  2. Thanks for sharing, Kristi. I really needed to hear this as well. I've been in a bit of writing slump for the for the past week. Hopefully it will end soon.

  3. Well, I keep reminding myself that I'm not getting any younger. I wasted over ten years "wanting" to be a writer. Now that I've started my ms, I'm not going to quit now. Great post!

  4. My biggest challenge is time. It used to get me down when I couldn't squeeze in enough writing time. I've learned to accept that my life is nuts :) and be happy with what I can do. That's working for me.

  5. This was an interesting post, Kristi. I found myself wishing there was yet another quote and more thoughtful follow-up.

    What's a subbing author? Can you tell I'm not a writer?

    What I do to keep myself inspired is read THE good book and surround myself with interesting people and activities. 'Interesting' is subjective.

  6. PJ-subbing author is simply a writer that is submitting their work to agents and/or publishers to be published. It's a long and grueling road, sometimes the rejections are short and impersonal, sometimes they simply say the story is not for them. It's hard work on your soul. :0) As for making it any longer, well...I try to do a little bit each Sunday. Gotta keep you coming back for more. :0) haha!

    Gavin: I'm glad you were able to take something from my post. Writerly slumps are hard to deal with. It leads to so many other anxieties. Keep pushing, keep writing and you'll get there!!
    Erin: Thank you, I'm only glad it helped someone. :0)
    Melissa: Good attitude girl, I also wasted too many years not writing.
    Jemi: Time is evil, isn't it?? :0)

  7. This is a long hard road. As much as I want to quit sometimes, I know that's not an option. Characters chase me in my dreams.

    I just look to the hills from where my help comes, and keep pressing.

  8. I have to keep taking deep breaths and saying to myself that it's not the end of the world if it doesn't happen right now, or ever. As long as you keep trying.

  9. Stories of other people who have struggled and still succeeded always inspire me. It's nice to know that like me, they got discouraged, but with time they made it and so can I.


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