Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Undivided Attention

Ugh. So, I'm still feeling like crap. Now, I've moved from "pity my discomfort" to "I really don't have any more time to lay on the couch and avoid puking in the presence of my weak stomached family. Dishes are crowding the kitchen counter, the floor was not swept or vacuumed all day and God only knows if the prince got a bath." So. Irritated. Plus, the thought of food turns my stomach, but I feel hungry. What is wrong with that picture?! PS It's not swine flu, I have a teeny tiny fever.

So, since I have not the energy to be entertaining, thoughtful, friendly or helpful...I turn it over to you, my wonderful readers. Please tell me about yourselves. For a real hoot, answer my five random questions. Just for delirious fun. :0) Hope you are all having a great week.

Do you like your own nose? I don't know what it is about every darn person I meet tells me they hate their nose. And coincidentally, I hate mine too.
What is your guilty pleasure?
As a writer, which is an artist, what other forms of art inspire your writing?
Children, pets and other living things a given...what are three things you don't think you could live without?
Do you believe in Santa?

Ok, I will be reading comments and replying-I PROMISE-so we can have a lively conversation in the sterile environment of cyberspace. I can't wait to be not sick. And no, I'm not pregnant.


  1. Kristy,
    I'm so sorry you are not feeling well. I hope you get better very soon.

    hmmmm, do I like my nose? You know, I just carry it around. I don't think it ever occurred to me to like it or dislike it.

    My guilty pleasure is creating word puzzles when I should be writing. Puzzles are just so much fun to create that I sometimes do that instead of working on my stories.

    All art inspires me, from a painting to music to wondering how someone managed to create that beautiful sunset in the sky.

    I could never live without some way to write my thoughts, whether that be a computer, a notebook or a stone and a chisel, I have to be able to express my thoughts.

    Life would be so difficult if I could never have spaghetti. That is my absolute favorite food and I don't even like going for a week without it.

    Music is such an important part of my life. I don't know how anyone can live without music.

    Do I believe in Santa Claus? Of course not. I don't have to believe in something that is so obvious. I don't believe in Santa because I just know he IS. What's to believe?

    ~ Just Joany
    Red Wagon Flights

  2. LOL Joany :0) "I just carry it around" I love your nose!! I would never have guessed that spaghetti was so important. I would probably wither away without Lasagna and Subway. LOL And, smarty pants, you got the Santa question right. :0)

  3. Kristi I hope you get to feeling better soon!

    Honestly, I've never been a fan of my natural nose, but since my husband approves I'll keep it.

  4. Tamika, my husband is always marveling at how I can NOT like my nose. LOL I think it's too long, but he loves it. So, I'm with you and I'll be keeping mine. Even if it keeps growing.....

  5. This is belated, but HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on winning NaNo!!

  6. I'm sorry, Kristi, you're not feeling well. Hope it passes soon.

    As for your random questions:

    Now that I've seen my profiled nose in close up detail during an out of body experience, I like it just fine.

    My guiltless pleasure (I don't believe in guilt. It's bad for you.) is Tea, every kind possible, except for Roobios, no thank you.

    Music inspires my writing. Classical, New Age, World, Trance, everything but country western. Sorry cowboys and girls.

    I couldn't live without my very comfy bed with the 6 inch therapeudic mattress, if you could call it that. I like to think of it as my firm cloud. I'd need my furry blankets to go with it. Third, but now last, my teapot, with tea, thank you.

    As for Santa, I'm an eccentric from a place called Santa Cruz. Does Santa believe in me?

    Congrats on NaNo!

  7. Thank you Elizabeth! I'm so happy to see you stopped by.

    I envy your mattress, I really need one of those, but then we moved and alas, no money for a mattress anymore. :0)

    Ahh tea. There is only one kind I like and I don't remember at all what it was called. My aunt sent it from Seattle to my parents. They didn't like it, but I loved it. Just a little spicy, but sweeter than most teas. Of course my parents don't remember it either.

    Heck yeah Santa believes in ya. :0)

  8. I hope you feel better!

    Brie cheese with raspberry chipotle sauce and red wine.

  9. Thank you PJ! I think it might be going away. I managed to keep some dinner down and actually washed dishes and swept the floor. :0)

    Brie cheese is my FAVORITE. Oh yummy. That sounds good. And totally exotic, where did you get such a recipe?


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