Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Monkey See...

Good morning fellow fabulous people around the world. I'm sickly. Don't get too close or breathe the air, okay? I've been up since about 2 am with a belly ache. And no pepto or sprite to speak of anywhere in the house. ARGH. I hate that!

So, since I'm feeling really icky, I'm stealing an idea from both LiLa and P.J. and posting a TRUTH FOR TUESDAY. See, I couldn't title my post as such, because then it would be immediately obvious that I am plagiarizing. (okay, that was a joke. I can see some writers already wrinkling their noses and about to click UNFOLLOW faster than they click the X at the top.) That P word is scary. So...see how delirious I am. I keep losing track of what the heck I'm supposed to be doing. Oh, Truths.....

Truthfully, I am so in love with my kids' artwork and crafts that I prefer their work to store bought decorations. I mentioned this to the Court Jester yesterday as I stared at the snowflakes hanging from our ceiling. He agreed and mentioned the perfect reason for this Truth. It's because there isn't another one like them and it's unlikely I'll get them to make them ever again. (You know, especially after junior high hits. Then it will be so totally uncool to do crafts with mom.)Christmas is our big holiday to decorate, get out the glitter and sparkle the house. Or each other, as it usually ends up. I have my certain special things-the beautiful houses that light up and make my miniature town (which I have not organized yet) and my sparkly, gold, green and red candles. Oh, and I have a moving Christmas Scene...too cool. I'm so glad it all made it through the move without breaking. I digress....again....

The decorations that I love the most, though, are the ones that we make together as a family or the ones that my princesses bring home from school. They add the magic that is Christmas. Yes, magic. I wonder how I enjoyed Christmas before them, honestly. (If you don't have kids, I'm not trying to leave you out. Before Kids, I partied hardy for Christmas.) Here are some photos of the magic I couldn't live without.

Princess Kayla made these in pre-school with marbles and paint.

The ornaments were designed and produced by Princess Rhiannon and the snowman is Princess Kayla's from kindergarten

This picture really doesn't do justice for the amount of glitter we used to make these last year.

sorry for the bad lighting and as you can see, part of my chain fell as soon as I snapped the picture. Darnit.

So, what is your truth for Tuesday? and does anyone have some Ginger Ale??

Sickly yours,


  1. Those are awesome! And what better decorations to have than those created by your children?

  2. The honesty of a child's artwork is the first thing that moves me; the second is the naivete. Many times I've matted and framed children's original artwork to display on my walls.

    The decorations you make together will always be favorites. They overflow with memories and tradition. When the children are grown and gone, holding one of their ornaments in your hand will be one of the things that keeps them close.

    My truth? Ginger ale tastes pretty darn good when you mix it 50/50 with beer. It's a Scottish beverage called Shandy....

    Feel better soon! ;)

  3. Sorry you're feeling sick -- I'm getting a over a nasty virus myself. Thank goodness the internet isn't contagious!

    And I love the homemade decorations, they're made and hung with love -- that's what makes them so special!

  4. Talk about talent! These girls are not only beautiful, but they might grow up to be famous artists. The decorations are magnificent. Ain't ya proud? :)

    Please feel better soon. I don't want you being sick on me.

    Tell the girls how much we love looking at their artwork. :)

  5. Those are awesome. Especially love the marble paintings! Jordan would be jealous... she is very bummed that we don't celebrate Christmas. Apparently, Hanuka is not as much fun! (Mommy, why can't we just do both?")

  6. Thank you for the compliments, I will be sure to let the Princesses know when they come home from school. However, I will warn you that it will bring on an onslaught of construction paper and asking "Who wants one?" :0)Honestly, I would rather have their decorations and many years relied only on their craftiness before we had the extra money for anything store bought. Perhaps we'll have a contest.....

    I'm still feeling icky-but thank you for the well wishes. I'm relaxing-just reading blogs and laying on the couch. LOL

    PJ-Honestly the thought of both of those beverages alone and defintely together makes my stomach turn right now..actually, I can't believe I typed it, because that means I had to think it. Anyway (see how easily I'm distracted?) I will try it some time when I'm not so queasy, it sounds like a delightful adventure waiting to happen. LOL

  7. LOL Corey-you put your comment up while I was typing away at the above ramble...I have loads of crafts for Hanuka too if you need or want ideas. :0) I think I might even be able to locate the dradle (is that right?) that Kayla made in pre-school.

  8. How precious! I love homemade decorations too. My favorite ornaments are the ones my kids make in school.

  9. Ooh, your house looks gorgeous! I love all the beautiful artwork!

  10. I keep all of my children's artwork, too. My Christmas tree has just about as many kid-made ornaments as store-bought ones. But you know, I love the ones my kids made more. And don't get me started on my refrigerator...you can't see it for artwork!

  11. I adore snowflakes! I wish I could cover my whole ceiling with them! :)

    I hope you feel better soon!


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