Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Universal Intervention

I have a quick announcement before beginning my blog. Keep looking here for my first ever interviewee to come to my humble little blog and give us some fascinating tidbits on her as a writer, and her debut novel. I'm waiting to hear back from her to find the specific date that works for both of us without making Thanksgiving all stressful-or more stressful than usual.

I wanted to thank everyone for the well wishes on job searching. I hate to tell you that I didn't even get to go out and look. It started out as a gloomy day, I took the princesses to school and came home to get ready for Operation Make Money. The court jester got a phone call from his brother-the same brother I strongly dislike right now for various reasons. So, he left to help his brother, leaving me with the young prince. When he finally came home, he informed me that I can't drive my car until he works on it. Sounds funny. Don't want it to blow up, do we?

I was briefly upset and then went to my writing. But it kept bugging me all day that I didn't get to follow through on my plans. So, I went to sorting clothes. Our place is so tiny, we can only have one season of clothes hanging up and in drawers at a time. I've been getting winter clothes out, stuffing summer clothes, bagging give-away clothes. Still bugged me that I wasn't pounding the streets looking for work. I tried to write some more. Gave up after two sentences and took a two hour nap with my young prince. Then, I woke up and started this cycle over again.

When I expressed my frustration to the court jester he only smiled. Why is he always laughing at me? He told me, in all his wisdom, that he was surprised I didn't take it as a 'sign' that the Universe wants me to stay home and write. Oh yeah, I usually do that, don't I? It's my favorite excuse... "Well, I would have, but the Universe wanted something else..."

So, the plan is to go out and look for a job after the court jester works on the car and if it doesn't work, still, I have no problems with the direction from the Universe.

Nano Progress: 15,556


  1. Love your honesty! But I think I'd stick with the, "I would, but the Universe wants..." thing. What a supreme catch-all.

    Would you please educate me? What is this NANO count I see everywhere? I live under a rock, you see. It's cool and damp here, AND I'M CLUELESS!

  2. LOL PJ: Nano is short for nanowrimo, which is the goal to write 50K in the month of November-officially. People often set their own goals if 50K seems too much or too little or if they are on a certain project already. I started from scratch at 1:30 am on November 1st. You can check out the juicy details at nanowrimo.org :) It's okay-I'm clueless half the time too. I think it's refreshing...after all I learn a lot. LOL

  3. Enjoy your time to write because once the car is fixed and you find a job, you won't have enough time. :)

  4. You NaNo progress looks great!

    Praying that in God's time you find the work that will suit you and your family best.

  5. Great writing progress!

    The Universe is a fickle guy. Enjoy the message before he changes it on you! :)

  6. I'd listen to the Universe. Lisa and Laura did and they got a free Kindle!


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