Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mid-Week Break (Wed. Excerpt Post)

For the month of November at least, I thought I would post an excerpt from my nano novel each Wednesday. My purpose in this is to obviously see if anyone is interested..but also to give your overstuffed brains something else to read, not instructions or tips or verb usage. And it's so completely imperfect, you'll realize we all have some editing to do-when this month is over! So, settle in and take a break.

Moira’s day seemed to drag even more after lunch and the unpleasant phone call from her boss. She was finding it harder and harder to be mild mannered Moira when three-thirty rolled around. The final bell rang and doors into the hallway burst open, pouring students in every direction.

Moira found herself pushed through the doorway of her final class, Modern History, amidst a sea of bodies. She cursed her lack of height for the millionth time. Finally, after almost losing her duffel bag and a shoe, she burst.

“Get the hell out of my way!”

Startled pairs of eyes looked down at her. Suddenly she was being swept up by powerful arms and carried to her locker. She looked behind her to see Grant smirking as her legs dangled in the air.

“Has anyone ever mentioned your subtlety?”

Moira felt embarrassed, like her mother had just scolded her in front of the neighborhood kids. “Uhm, no, but they’ve mentioned my height.”

Grant laughed easily. “Yes, you might be easily overlooked, which works to my favor, anyway.”

Moira’s heart jumped. She admonished the feeling of butterflies. “Your favor? Dare I ask?”

“If no one else notices you, I can keep you all to myself.” He leaned down to speak softly in her ear.

Moira ducked her head. “I hardly know you, and I’m supposed to let you keep me? I’m flattered, I guess, but I already have plans.”

Grant made a face. “At Darb’s house? Those are hardly plans, but I’ll escort you, if you insist.”

Moira ran through the possibilities in mind. If Grant ended up coming to this so called party, would he ruin her chances of bringing the other three in, or add to her list? It was a sticky situation, either way. She slammed her locker door.

“I did not insist. I am actually a big girl and I can go to a party all by myself.”

He frowned at her again. “Really? Where was this side of you this morning? I didn’t think you would be so feisty.”

“Looks can be deceiving.” When he raised his brows, Moira knew she pushed the line a bit too far. “I am sorry. It’s hard to be the new kid in town, ya know?”

He smiled, to Moira’s relief. “No, I grew up in this dinky place, but I’ll take your word for it. Anyway, I don’t have to escort you; I’m always invited to Darb’s place.” With that he sauntered down the hall and pushed open the heavy double doors leading to the outside parking lot.


  1. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. I'm afraid to post any of my first draft writing.

  2. Hi Kristi,
    Very interesting story. I am a little concerned, though. If you post your story online, doesn't that take away from your opportunity to get it published? Just thinking in your behalf.
    ~ Just Joany/Yaya
    Yaya's Home
    Red Wagon Flights

  3. I like it! And I admire your bravery for doing nanowrimo. I'm scared myself....Although I found a Piboidmo (Picture book Idea month) that I may do!


  4. Great stuff girl! I love how I can see the setting as I read. It's the way you have written it. Very good.

    And posting this doesn't take away from your ability to get it published one day as long as you delete the posts after everyone has read them. :)

  5. Good luck with NaNo. Your wip so far seems very interesting. Thank you for posting clips of it; it is a good read.


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