Monday, November 23, 2009

Laughter is Still the Best Medicine

I'm so behind. Over the weekend I didn't write at all. I think I had a case of brain drain.....which hasn't happened to me since colllege!

I was stuck at this point in my WIP and I just couldn't get past it. I was miserable and kept it all to myself. Especially those feelings of guilt that overwhelm us writers. Now, let me give you a little bit of history in order to understand the Court Jester and I.

We are a definite example of opposites attract. I grew up in a mostly loving home-my dad was very strict, but I certainly had a good childhood compared to my husband's. He grew up in a home that was chaotic, his father was abusive, his brother not a good role model and so he got into trouble as a kid. I did not. He stole cars. OMG, I cried at the thought of my parents catching me reading late at night. He grew up in the city of Detroit, I grew up in a suburb of Dallas.

When he and I met and fell in love, our families couldn't believe it. He was a little crass...uh forward if you will, and I was all about positive thoughts and love across the universe. I'm an outgoing, trusting and friendly person. He really...well, people are scared of him when they first meet him. So, you can imagine some of our conversations. One of the biggest differences between us is the love of words. I could read for days on end, write stories, thoughts, journal entries, etc.. The Court Jester...HATES to read. Hates it with a passion. He hates to write (although I know from typing his comp papers that he's a great writer) Because of this, I rarely ask him to read anything I've written of any length. Last night I finally confessed to him that I was stuck and didn't know where to go next. I moaned how awful a writer I am. This is our conversation.

"I'm stuck, I haven't written all weekend and it really bothers me."
"What are you stuck on?"
"You wouldn't understand because you haven't read it."
"I don't have to, you are awesome."
"Guess what, that doesn't help me."
"Read the last paragraph to me."

I grumbled and didn't understand how he thought he could help me when he doesn't even know the first 139 pages of content. But, I read it to him anyway and then sort of filled him in on the point of the book.

"It's stupid, right?" I ask.
"Not at all, honey. You are perfect."
"You still aren't helping."
"Okay, what if your MC confronts the evil Dr. I mean, she's hid long enough, don't you think?"
"I guess so."
"Your MC wants to know why the dr is evil, right?"
"I guess so."
"Well, she confronts the doctor, and then..." He gets very dramatic, "the dr could turn around and say, 'because I'm an evil dr. jekyll and hyde.'" He makes an exaggerated evil face.
I laugh and say, "Yeah, and then he turns into a vampire."
He laughs harder, remembering previews and commercials for the madness that is the Twilight series. "Yeah, a vampire that loves....."
"Fuzzy bunnies." He laughs.

So silly, but guess what, I got write back to writing and had a blast. :-) I knew there was a reason I kept him around.


  1. Kristi, how wonderful to discover that the hubby can be there even in this, your writing life.

    And you could always read your stories to him. That way he could ALWAYS get your creativity flowing again.

    Nice story about the two of you. I loved reading it. See? We never know, do we? You probably NEVER thought you would marry someone from such a different way of life. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. What a wonderful husband. Those are the moments that I wrap my mind around when I'm feeling insecure. Like everyday!

  3. Finally someone else's husband who doesn't like to read, but still supportive.

  4. Wow, and I thought I was the only one who had a husband who doesn't like to read! But like yours, my hubby does support me with my writing:)

  5. Aw, I love using the hubby for ideas--sometimes he can be quite useful! I'll be gone for the rest of the week, so HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

  6. I've noticed that sometimes it helps to bounce ideas off people who aren't into writing. I guess they can be more objective in some cases!


  7. What a great story! I think sometimes asking someone who has no idea about your book is the perfect way to get out of a rut. We writers have something in our head that is heading one way and when we hit a road block, we just keep bashing our heads on it. The husbands that don't read (and mine loves history books but HATES fiction!!) can be the best way to jiggle us out of the rut.

    :) Great husband!

  8. That is so cute! My husband reads our books, but I'm never 100% sure that he gets them...I guess it doesn't really matter, I'll take the support however I can get it.

    Ooh, I see Mr. Maybe on your bookshelf. Totally steamy read! I loved that book!


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