Thursday, October 8, 2009

Quick Break

I thought I would take a quick break from writing to..well, write something different. Something without quotation marks, punctuation rules and grammatically correct sentences. Oh yeah, I love this freedom from time to time. So, I was virtually tagged by Susan Mills to post my top 7 favorite songs and I had to really think about that. I'm an eclectic music lover, so it's hard for me.


7) Displaced~Azure Ray
6) 1234~Plain White Tees
5) Why~Annie Lennox
4) Cortez~Dave Matthews Band (I think it's actually called Legend of Cortez or something to that effect.)
3) She's So California~Gary Allen
2) Rhiannon~Fleetwood Mac
AND THE NUMBER ONE SONG...well, for right now anyway

Hallelujiah ~Kate Voegel's rendition. There is something about that little girl's voice, gives me goosebumps.

Alright, that was a refreshing change of pace. So, before I go back into the world of Audra, let's see what HER favorite songs are.....

1) Mustang Sally~I have a mustang and although it is currently in the shop-I LOVE THAT CAR
2) Everything~Buckcherry rocks for those days when I just want to bang my head a little
3) Drown in my own tears~Ray Charles is perfect for my bubble baths
4) Bad Girlfriend~Theory of a Deadman is great for road trips and partying at the bar.
5) Dreams~Fleetwood Mac, who doesn't love Stevie Nicks?
6) Send me on my way~Rusted Root, this song means a lot to me and how far I've come in this life.
7) It's My LIFE~Bon Jovi...cheesy? Maybe, but I grew up with Bon Jovi music and this song is a great anthem!

**I'm taking over my blog now, thank you very much. And-going off to work...**

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  1. Kristi, Audra loves Fleetwood Mac? Me too! Mustang Sally? I'm humming it right now. :)I love the Stones, Beatles, Zepp. And hey, who doesn't love Dave Matthews Band? Great choices for both of you. :)


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