Thursday, October 8, 2009

Federal Trade Confusion

This week, I've seen more blogs about the proposed change that FTC announced. While I won't lie and pretend to know what the hell all that legal wording is, I will say that I'm not worrying about it....yet.

Now, if only they could lay it out in simple english for morons like me. From what I understand...if I win a free ARC copy of a book and the author of said book tells me, "You won because you will write a raving review of my book." I have to notify or somehow make it known that I'm reviewing this book for the sole purpose of gaining something else. However, if I win an ARC and the author simply says, "Thanks for showing interest, let me know if you like it." I don't have to notify FTC or log in the blog that this ARC was given to me for free.

Is this the gist of it?? Does anyone have anything they would like to add, or did I miss the point entirely?

WC Goal today=1200
Yesterday's actual words written-707 :(
Words left until meeting 25000 word goal? 20,373


  1. Kristi, It's my understanding that you have it right. The FTC is going after bloggers, but not going after radio, TV, newspapers, or magazines.

    They say that they want to know if a blogger reviewed a book just because they wanted to, or because they were paid in some way. Like with an ARC copy of the authors book. In other words, they say bloggers don't write for a living(most of them). Full disclosure. GRRRR. Thanks for helping writers be aware. Great post! :)


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