Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Follies

Thanks everyone for your kind support and encouragement over my computer going haywire on me. I thought I'd explain a little more-I wasn't on facebook when this happened (as many people assume), but surfin' the web. I clicked on a link to take me to a website that offered stat counters for nanowrimo. I'm not saying that site is what did it, but it was after clicking that link that my computer went haywire. Internet Explorer pops open to several anti-virus software websites, porn websites and other miscellaneous junk. Then, I get constant "You have a virus, do you want to enable protection?" I click yes, and it opens up a website to buy some expensive anti-virus software. I check my McAffe (isn't this supposed to be so great because it costs so much?!)and it says it's working. It tells me all is fine. Meanwhile I have a million windows popping open on me without any prompting.

I was finally able to print out my current WIP so I can re-type that and have it. However, there are about 6 chapters of another WIP that I haven't been able to get to. Ah, the saga continues...

On to more cheerful things. The whole royal court, including me, went to a pumpkin patch/hayride/corn maze thing last night. It was a blast watching the excitement on the kids' faces as they ran through the field trying to find the largest pumpkin ever! Then, night fell and my princesses decided they wanted to go on the Trail of Doom. Now, let me explain....The Trail of Doom is through a corn maze....and it was slick with mud, not deep, just slick so it made it difficult to walk, especially with two kids on either side of me, clinging to my hands for dear life. Halfway through the maze, Princess Rhiannon decided she wanted out and wanted out RIGHT NOW! The poor thing was terrified. I mean....TERRIFIED. I felt awful, as I clenched her hand and kept telling her, "It's all pretend, baby. It's ok, they're actors. BREATHE, baby!" Knowing we can't exactly just take off through the corn. We were told to stay in our group and no running. Yeah right. Tell a nine, ten and six year old not to run when the man with a chainsaw is after you. Or the psychotic clowns, or the Scream masked folks, or the huge weird creature CRAWLING through the trail. *AHEM* They ran. I fell. Princess Rhiannon lost her shoe. It was quite hilarious to watch, I'm sure.

Finally, after hearing screams in my ears and receiving permanent claw marks dug into my arm, we made it to the end. Mike Meyers even high fived the kids when we exited instead of scaring them. Told 'em they were the bravest kids he'd ever seen. Their eyes permanently wide and round and their hands still clenched to mine. I wish I would've had a picture, but it was too dark and I couldn't do it to them.

Before anyone yells at me, these kids BEGGED to go on the Trail of Doom. I mean, they could hardly wait to get in there! We stood in line for thirty minutes and listened to three kids (the cousins went too) tell us how not scared they were. Princess Kayla was the most adamant about how BRAVE she was. By the time we got out of the corn, she said she'll never do it again. So, there's my lesson learned. Never spend $58 on tickets for scary crap ever again.

So, we made it home, safe and sound with two huge pumpkins and kids full of nightmares. Needless to say, they slept together last night and watched a cheerful Disney movie as they fell asleep. With the lights on.

Have a great Friday everyone, I'm hoping to have my computer fixed so I can get into nano. This laptop is TOOOOOOO outdated. It hardly likes Blogger.

Thanks again for all the comments, you are all the most fab supporters anywhere. :)


  1. Sounds like a scary, but fun, outing. My kids watched some spooky movie the other night, and they ended up sleeping together. They're 15,13,11. They'd kill me if they knew I told. Anyway, good luck with the computer issues.

  2. Psychotic clowns at the corn maze? Well that's just a dirty trick. I'd love to tell you they're not scarred for life, but since I wrote a post today about how watching Carrie at age nine scarred me for life, that would make me a liar. Don't worry mom, all that awesome sugary crap will take their minds off of it!
    Happy Halloween!

  3. Sounds like an wild evening, how fun! My oldest daughter would have loved every minute.

    See you in NaNo sphere!

    My username: tamikaeason

  4. The Trail of Doom sounds kind of freaky! But fun :)
    The same thing happened to my husband this week. He managed to get his data, but we had to redo the whole system from scratch. Good luck with the rest of the retrieval!

  5. OMG... my daughter cried on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride... I can ONLY imagine what a chainsaw would have done to her.

    Sometimes you've just gotta let them try something even if you know they'll hate it. I bet you get to skip the Trail of Doom next year.

    I've had the same exact virus. Sucks. Really sucks. So sorry.


  6. I took my middle daughter to a corn maze a few weeks ago with her Girl Scout troop, but it was during the day and no scary guys chased us.

    My oldest daughter really wants to go to a haunted house event in town, but I'm not sure if she would make it through.

    Hope you get the computer up and running again soon.

  7. PJ, the problem in this household is none of us know how to do that. I'm using my outdated old desktop that is slightly better than the dinosaur laptop. :) Thanks for coming to my blog :)

    Kristi: Yep, girls told us they'll never do it again. :) Although, now they are begging to watch scary movies all night. Are you kidding me??

    Melane: They also had the corn mazes you could go through that were not scary, but my kids thought they were too big for those. LOL Next year, I'm sure we'll experience a corn maze without all the scaries!

    LOL Susan, your secret is safe with me. :)
    Lucy-I saw that post, great! Hilarious, it's what I love about ya gals. :)

  8. Sorry about your computer probs Kristi. I hope you get everything squared away for Nano.

    We have a haunted corn maze. I've never been. It's not that I'm scared you see, I just always have bathrooms to clean. No, no, not scared. No way. :) Happy Halloween :)


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