Thursday, October 29, 2009

Death of a Writer

Yesterday's WC: zip and now I'm really in trouble....

It was a day like any other day...I perused through the blogosphere, clicking here and there, reading this and that. All of a sudden, I clicked a link (Not downloading anything, mind you) and my internet goes crazy. I have windows start popping up everywhere!! My McAfee told me that it had kindly detected and blocked a trojan. But asked me to enable protection, my internet explorer popped up to some porn site (I really was over porn about the first time I ever saw it) and then I couldn't do anything. Nothing. Anything I tried to open, including non-internet things, like my wouldn't let me. Told me the files were **GASP** infected!!

So, now I sit here at my laptop that was built circa wheneverlaptopswereinvented and it's frustratingly SLOW! So, I can't post my award either...because it's on the infected computer. I don't know how to un-infect it and I don't have the cash required for a ultra smart computer person to fix it.

Yes, I cried. I yelled. I banged on my desk. You see, I am pretty good about backing up my work-but this whole month has been kind of hectic and wellll I might not have backed anything up all month! Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

I have worked soooooo hard on my manuscripts this month with the goal of having them polished and ready to query by February or March of next year. Now, I don't know how much I've lost....and I'm a little scared it's too much.

So, today's tip is to back up every day or every other day or something more than once a month! I have never had a virus before in all the years I've owned a computer, so I'm VERY irritated. I'm not giving up, though. I guess if I have to rewrite, then that is what I'll do. Ha! So there, computer! You haven't caused the death of a writer, yet.


  1. Oh! That is just awful! I will be taking your advice and backing up a little more often. I hope you are able to recover some of your files...


  2. Oh Kristi! I am sorry. I will be praying that all of your work has not been lost. Keep the attitude that no matter you will still press on.

    Congratulations on your award!

  3. Oh you poor, poor thing!!! Why must computers be such finicky things? Hope you get it figured out!

  4. Oh, Kristy, I'm so sorry to hear that. Have you tried turning it on again to see what happens? You could try booting up into safe mode or going into that window before windows boots up. I know it has a lot of options in there, but can't remember if they have an option to transfer files before you get to windows. Been a while since I've been there.

  5. I'm sorry. That stinks! I've heard of several with computer issues lately. Every one of them was able to retrieve the documents. I think this will be the case for you. Good luck!

  6. Oh, no! That's awful! I hope you get the computer up and running soon, and more importantly, I hope you can retrieve the documents.

    I had a huge problem last night, too. The baby climbed on the chair in front of the laptop and banged on the keyboard. Now the touchpad won't work (the cursor won't move). I was on the phone with the Toshiba help desk for a half hour, but they couldn't figure it out, either. Finally, I took the mouse off of my old desktop and plugged it in, and now I can move the cursor again!

  7. NOOOOOOO! boo to viruses, I hope it's all there! PS love the blog :)


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