Thursday, September 10, 2009

Through the SNOT FOG

Yup, that's a really gross title isn't it?? It's how I feel. I have a fog of snot in my brain. I think that one sentence is also the most interesting one I've written all week. Or, I could still be delirious. I mean, this is the worst cold I've had in a long time. Chills, hot flashes, fever, achey muscles...the whole bit. This is my pity cry in hope that all will understand why I didn't make the three blogs a week goal. Or maybe it is just to make myself feel better?

So, most of us adults know that despite a cold, flu, or limb falling off-the world still turns mercilessly. Don't even get me started on the fact that mothers never get sick. Well, we do-but we better not slow down, laundry still piles up, kids still misbehave and husbands still wonder what is for dinner. (Sorry, honey-you are great, but you don't function when I'm sick either!)

Now, what about that novel sitting expectantly in your WIP folder, or the notebook, or scraps of paper?? Do you write when you are sick? This is our job, or at least that is how we should treat it. We all know that the boss hanging over our head, asking for a dr's note is usually what whips us into shape; knowing we must trudge into the building of despair that signs our measley paycheck. Too dreary?? Sorry...I must admit, that is how I truly feel about most of my full time jobs I've held in the past.

So, for this sickness...well, I called in sick. It was amazing, my boss was kind and understanding, then suddenly turned into this guilt tripping, irrational, emotional mess. She screamed at me for not coming to work. She taunted me with the best one liners. I could hardly believe it. Indignant, I told my husband about this demanding woman, the worst boss I've ever had!! He laughed at me; because he knows that boss is the woman I have become.

Now, I have to find the balance. Sure, I needed to call in for a day or two. Most likely....not a whole week. After all, I don't have a dr's note.

What about you?

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  1. Your post certainly comes at the perfect time. I've been dealing with a head cold for the last week that is definitely turning into something worse. Made doc appt for tomorrow. I need to give myself a break and just rest tomorrow.

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