Friday, August 28, 2009


Here it is, Friday and it's my last day to work with minimum interruptions. Two of my kids are in school, so during the week, keeping track of just the infant isn't too much trauma. Notice I say...not too much.

Today, I'm really struggling. I've written a full six words on my novel and can't seem to get any further. I'm questioning the plot, the characters, the scenes. I figured it was because I didn't have my delicious coffee this morning with cinnamon vanilla cream; so off I went, traversing through curves and drizzling rain to get to the grocery store. I came home and got right down to the business of fixing myself a cup of coffee to get back to writing.

I sat down in front of my screen-document already pulled up, to cut out the temptation of internet distractions-and sipped my coffee and stared, and thought and stared. Still nothing. I'm really feeling under the gun now! Soon, I have to go and pick up my two beautiful girls, start homework, dinner, chores and all the fun stuff that happens in the evening time for us mommies. Not only that, it's FRIDAY!! MY LAST DAY!! Tomorrow will be crafts, chores, bday parties and movies. The game of LIFE, or Disney SCENE IT, get the idea.

I realized-through the foggy panic in my brain-that Friday doesn't symbolize "OH YAY" for me today. I felt awful that I had only written one sentence, and it's not anything of literary genius, believe me! Finally, after a second cup of coffee, I remembered all the advice that seems consistent from every angle-WRITE EVERYDAY!

Write something, well, maybe not a grocery list...but journal, try a poem (I am horrible with poetry!!) start a new story (I have to watch myself with this one, I have approximately 12 WIP's!) And so here I am, writing in a blog without the worries of plot, characters, believability, dialogue and punctuation. It's a wonderful freedom, these blogs. I also realized through this blog, that I reached my goal of posting three times this week. I have the same goal for next week. Certainly I can do that!

This realization was just enough of a positive to make my day seem more like a TGIF, than an OCIF (O crap it's friday). I think I just might have the next sentence for my novel in progress....

What do you do when you just can't get going? Do you write beyond that stumpy sentence? Or do you switch gears? Feel free to share in the comments section!!

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