Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wednesday Writing

For today's post I'm typing on my touch screen phone...the internet bill had to take a backseat to the electric bill and various end of school costs that popped up unexpectedly!

At first I was really mad. But then I remembered that with these phones..there's an app for that. :)
And with that I set off to find and download blogger.

Success! Now I can keep that promise to myself about posting this week. However ...the sample of writing is on my pc and not my phone and I don't think my cheap version will handle an app for that.

And so I'm sorry for not having a writing sample up. Instead I think a prompt will be more fun.
Apparently I can't schedule posts with this app...so it will be published early.

Here it is.....
A young man finds himself lost in the underground tunnels of Portland, Oregon. Why did he go there?  And will he find his way out?

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