Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WIP Wednesday

So, here's a new WIP! I only have a few pages written, but here's the beginning. What do you think?

When Edward came into my office, I felt my stomach quiver and jump. Something about his demeanor; the way his strong build filled the doorway and his tattooed arm flexed when he pushed the door closed behind him exuded tough confidence. He looked like the kind of man that had lived a rough life, but the chocolate color in his eyes betrayed something softer. I was hooked.
            “I’m here for a job.” He spoke with a northern accent that I couldn’t quite place.
            “Okay.” My hands shook as I grabbed the forms from my metal desk drawer. The dent in the handle caught on my skirt and I cursed under my breath.
            “One of those days?” he asked with a slight grin.
            “Uhm, yeah, I guess so.” I hoped he couldn’t hear my voice shaking around the lump in my throat. I handed him the papers and a pen. “Just fill these out and I’ll see what we have for today.” I fumbled for the keyboard.
            I noticed he filled out the forms with his left hand, right arm laying over the top of the papers. I peered over his hand to see his address. He wrote Logan, but I knew he wasn’t from there. 


  1. Hi and I'm still here and kickin! Sorry I've been sooo out of touch. Summer has been flying by and it's been busy for me- but I've been loving it. And I love this WIP! Terrific job!


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