Tuesday, August 17, 2010


As a very young child, between the ages of three and eight, I remember a recurring dream. It was about Peter Pan and miniature horses. To this day, I still haven't figured the meaning of that dream. But I haven't forgotten about it either. Which is mysterious. I always dream in full color and assume that everyone else does as well. I've actually never met a person tell me that they dream in anything but color.

Dreams are a fascinating bit of brain candy, don't you think? There are so many theories, proven and disproven. Meaning....it's not entirely understood, these dreams. Even if you feel you do understand them...One day, and I promise this; one day it will all change.

As I grew older, my dreams became nightmares. Constant battles in my sleep with either my parents, kids at school or people I didn't even know. Fears came to me in a different form every night and I got to the point that I hated dreams and I hated dreaming. I wished for it to end. I searched for answers everywhere. Stopped eating at night. Ate at night. Changed foods, the movies I watched, the books I read. Nothing helped.

One day, I found out the meanings of some of those dreams. I worked for a year after that day to resolve the issues my subconscious had brought to my attention. I finally found peace in the night. My dreams went back to random, odd things.

I'm dreaming again. I'm dreaming of fighting. Constant bickering. I'm dreaming that I forget incredibly important things in the light of remembering something dumb, like a straw. I'm dreaming like crazy.

Know what's funny? So is my main character. And I'm starting to think that she is begging me to get back to work. What do you think of your dreams? :)

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  1. Amazing how dreams mess with our minds and emotions isn't it? I love Peter Pan. I say go back to those dreams.


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