Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Truth for Tuesday

I am becoming a cave dweller. 

And I like it. It's totally okay with me.

It probably won't be so cool once my royals are home from their far, far away adventure. But I'm not fighting it. 

I've gotten some writing done, less reading than I wanted to get done, and lots of time with my Court Jester. 

Once upon a time, I would have loved to paint the town purple (yes, I prefer purple, thank you) and see my house only in time to sleep. (Oh yes, I've done a lot of that, too!) 

At first, I was a little panicked. I thought about my youth flying right out the window without me, laughing as she hopped on the back of a Harley and threw caution to the wind.

And then, I realized that my youth comes back to me in the oddest moments, and they're the ones that are appreciated the most. Like my crazy obsession with silly bands. Yes...silly, crazy, shaped plastic type bracelet things. Holy cow, I don't know why or how, but I'm totally into it. I even trade with kids I see at the gas station. Not my kids. Yeah, I'm a little weird.

My youth skips through my memory as I write new stories and situations for her to get tangled in; and make me appreciate the *wisdom of age. *Ahem* Kind of.

And so, I'm striving to find the balance between cave dweller and socialite. So far, Truthfully, Cave Dweller is working just fine.

What's your truth?


  1. Truth 1: I don't know what a silly band is. How old am I?

    Truth 2: I am a closet introvert - big time.

    Truth 3: I have an addiction to Etsy.com

  2. Cave dwelling is fine with me. :)

  3. I'm working on becoming less a cave dweller and more a socialite. I realized a few months ago I didn't actually know any REAL people in REAL life. That's scary when your car breaks down and your closest friend is an email address from Canada. :)

    And hey - if there's a Harley waiting outside your window, what are you waiting for??

  4. People think I'm nuts when my answer to my favorite vacation spot is "home, alone". I'd have to shut off the internet to get any real writing done, but that's part of the cave feel I'm sure. I could go a week without in the interest of reassuring myself I'm still a writer.

    Enjoy the feeling while it lasts. Makes your family that much more interesting when they return.


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