Thursday, July 29, 2010


So, you may have heard from my Facebook page that I've become a part of the laboring workforce of the USA. Well, I'm a waitress at Applebees starting on Monday.

I'm pretty excited about this one because I will actually be waiting tables. The restaurant business has been an industry that I've always loved for a long time. I love the interaction with people, new people and your teamwork with co-workers and the feeling of a job well done at the end of the day. Making people happy.

I think change is a good thing for me right now. I feel like this job is going to be a huge confidence booster to keep reminding me that I'm not worthless-sitting around. Which-my amazing CJ has nothing to do with. He's so supportive of me sitting at home and writing. I, personally, am not. I see where we have so many struggles that could be eased with a little extra income.

I am also looking forward to each change leading to more change-positive change of course. :0)

What kinds of changes have you had to face in the past?


  1. Yay! Good luck with your new job, Kristi. We just got a new dog, and it is NOT a small one - it's a Labradoodle. I grew up with dogs, but my hubby has never had a dog and neither have our kids (or cats). Needless to say, it's been an adventure these last 10 days. Ha ha. :-)

  2. Good luck with your new job - sounds like fun!

    We've had a few changes in the family in the employment front over the years. It's an exciting time :) Have fun.

  3. I'm glad things have started working out for you. You *sound* a lot happier than you did when you worked for that 'other' restaurant. At least now, there's no stairs and you'll be making money instead of working for a wage. Congratulations.

  4. Have fun working at Applebees!!! My favorite job was working at Red Lobster, unfortunately when I moved the restaurant gig wasn't going to work as well as it did in my hometown.

    I loved the people you meet, those you make happy, and even those awful days, because you know that tomorrow will be better :) Good luck!


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