Thursday, June 24, 2010


Some songs are stories with definite beginnings, middles and endings. Some are funny and some are serious wake up calls for society to listen to. Do you remember this one?

My name is Luca. I live on the second floor. I live upstairs from you. Yes; I think you've seen me before. If you hear something late at night, some kind of trouble, some kind of fight. Just don't ask me what it was.

And who could forget this classic storyteller, Johnny Cash.

Well my daddy left home when I was three and he didn't leave much to momma and me except this old guitar and an empty bottle of booze. I don't blame him because he run and hid, but the meanest thing he ever did was before he left, he named me Sue.

Country and Western is always great for a three minute story that brings tears to your eyes.

So as our week of songs comes to a close, what are some of your favorites? Either for inspiration or a good story?


  1. I loved that song Luka. I thought every single word in there was perfect for the story she was telling. There's a whole novel in that song. And I loved Suzanne Vega. Perfect marriage of singer and song.

  2. Harry Chapin's Taxi.

    Billy Joel's Piano Man

    Almost anything by Mary Chapin Carpenter.


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