Friday, June 11, 2010

Ketchup Day

Imagine my surprise when I walked into a Creative Thinking class and those words in HUGE LETTERS were on the board.


When it comes to a creative thinking class, never knew what to expect. Ketchup Day could mean that we were going to build something phenomenal with ketchup packets. Or maybe we had to figure out how far a ketchup bottle could squirt ketchup. I think everyone was a little nervous; I even overheard one girl talking about  her clothes getting ruined and how Mrs. Powers would pay for them.

But Mrs. Powers didn't have any Ketchup bottles for us. Instead she stood at the front of the room and explained.
"Part of being a creative thinker is knowing where your limits are. I'm a little disorganized, and as seventh graders, a lot of you are too. Every Friday is Ketchup Day. I'll call you one by one to discuss your progress in this class, if there is any work you need to turn in and if there is anything I've overlooked, it's your day to tell me."

I loved Mrs. Powers. Even if we didn't have any missing work, it was like a free period to do work for other classes, work on a project or just do what we enjoyed. Puzzles, reading, writing, etc.. It was a beautiful concept. One day a week to just catch up.

So, for today, Cool Kids..... it is Ketchup Day for me. I have blogs to read and comment, I have chapters to write, I have baths to give to my children and meals to cook.....what no one else falls behind with baths and dinners? Oh dear.....


  1. Love this, Ketchup Day!! Brilliant. I need one of these days, too...

  2. I've begun to take a couple of Ketchup days each week. Life has improved.


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