Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday's Tip

You know how mothers can tell us something until they're blue in the face and we disagree; but when our friend down the street or Aunt says the same thing, we finally get it? My mother and I often discuss this strange phenomenon....especially when I think I've come across something mind blowing and she says, "I told you that last year...remember?"

To which I reply, "Ohhh, that's what you were trying to say?"

Well, in response to my dark and dreary ramblings on Saturday night or Sunday morning or sometime over this weekend I received an email from a dear writer friend. In it she gave me this small snippet of advice and it was like the gates opened up for me. I saw the sun again. So....thank you!

Write whoever is bugging the heck out of you in your head. Those are the stories of your voice.

I swear, I will print those two sentences out in large letters and tack them to my board. You know why....it could be a character bugging the heck out of you in your head and you have to start writing

.....or it can be someone in real life and for whatever reason, their bugging is hindering your writing. That is what's happened to me. 

My royals and CJ and BFF are fine. There are a few things that have happened in life that have me at a standstill. Things that have had me paralyzed for the last two weeks. Actions from human beings that have put me at a loss for words. Times that those actions reduced me to blubbering tears and screaming...."Why?!" 

Because I need to write them down. Even if it's just a character sketch of some of those people who have me feeling like the human race is shot. Or a scene from my real life that I just can't seem to stop replaying in my head. I have that gift. Remember? I'm a writer.

So-if you are at a crossroads, or a dead freakin' dark end.....write whoever is bugging the heck out of you in your head....


  1. This is such a great idea, writing is writing. Sometimes it takes time to get the mojo back and if someone is bugging you then write it down! Everyday life people, in your mind, the kids... sometimes that's the best way to get the flow back!

  2. When my dog died last week and I had to bury her, I walked around the house grieving and crying and couldn't get out of my own way.

    At some point, I wrote her eulogy, and then started writing for something which had been on the back burner for an incredibly long time. It worked.

    All that writing got me out of my funk and allowed me to see the sunshine again.

    So writing doesn't only work when people piss you off, it works for other things too. I think it has to do with the "bigger" emotions.

  3. So true. I've started a number of short pieces and poems from those cathartic journaling experiences.

  4. Great advice. I think this is why even non-writers keep journals. It's therapeutic in many ways!

  5. Absolutely the best advice. They won't stop bugging you unless you get them out.


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