Friday, March 26, 2010

Dear John...

Hello Father Time,
I'm just curious. Do you speed up each year? Is it your own little secret joke on me? Or the whole world? And if so...could you please stop?! It appears that each day the minutes on the clock pass more like seconds. The prime example is that lately my morning duties seem to last until it's time to pick up the princesses from school. How is it possible that all I do between 6:30 am and 2:20 pm is feed my son twice, do the dishes and have one conversation with my husband? I used to do a lot more. I remember.

Please take pity and slow down. We aren't all immortal, ya know?!

Consumed by YOU

Dear Motherhood,
You have not been so kind and joyous as promised lately. Could you please send me the magical solution to these temper tantrums that the young prince is throwing? He's really sucking the cuteness out of childhood. I have tried to dispel of the problem in the same way that I handled my young princesses. Why is it not working? Also, if you could stop showing up on my face and in my hair, that would be great!


*thanks to Kiersten White for reminding me of these letters to life. I used to do this weekly. I might have to start again!*


  1. Time just slips right past you, I even try scheduling things and sometimes it makes no differnce! Grrrr!!!

    Happy Friday!

  2. Oh yes! All so true!

    But this too shall pass – and probably too fast when you look back on it.. you know, with the whole time going too fast thing. :)

    let me know if life answers back. :)

  3. I can identify!! Have you noticed that when we spring ahead time seems to go even faster than when we fall back? What's up with that?

    You should write these regularly!!

  4. Time flies and everything passes. I'm just so tired lately that I really can't seem to care. I Just wish the end of the school year was here. :)

  5. I love these letters what a great idea. Who needs to pay for a therapist?
    `My name is PJ` is right, you should write these letters on a daily bases. It makes me feel like I am not the only one feeling like this!!!!LOL
    Keep the letters coming

  6. Time will go by and this will only be a memory, much sooner then you expect.

  7. Amen!

    I totally understand how you feel, Kristi - love the letter idea! :-)

  8. Look at you go! Your followers have soared since the last time I checked! I'm so proud of you! Keep up the awesome work!


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