Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Inspiration

So, I'm making this monumental declaration. I'm really nervous about it, so could you guys bear with me through the pictures?

Someday, I want to own one of these cool laptops...I don't care about the brand, as long as it does what I want and quickly. I have enough waiting in my life as a writer, who wants to wait on everything to load?
I also might want some of this in my future-you know, when I'm rich because of my books' movie rights everywhere. Next Twilight without Vamps..that's me. :0)
Built-in book shelves
And considering I have two beautiful princesses, if they ever find someone willing to treat them as such...I know I'd love to provide two of these for them....

And Sooner rather than Later, I want to be here....or somewhere like it. (arial photo found on the web of Alturas, where I was born and my princess Kayla was born)

The point to all of this is that I really first must take baby steps. We are trying not to eat out this month. Not even once. It's amazing the few nights I'm lazy add up to a lot of fast food. I've been even more discretionary on the heating of our home, dragging out blankets and snuggies instead. Now, comes another "baby step" but one that I've never quite accomplished.

Putting these awful, dreadful...ohsoenjoyablewhenimtoostressedtotalk cigarettes. Did you get all that? It's okay to skip over it. I've been slowly cutting down...
See full size image

But now it's time to really do it. I have two major blocks....Well, a few...

  1. Due to dental issues, I can't chew gum or suck on hard candy for relief of "nicotine fits"
  2. Some of my medications to treat chronic pain really create a craving for them
  3. I can't afford the Chantix or other nicotine treatments because my insurance doesn't cover them.
  4. Chantix did help both my mother and grandmother quit, but they both said they had weird, bad, yukky dreams. I don't do well with bad dreams. I have a history of walking and talking and generally being violent in my sleep. I went through a LOT to get rid of that problem. Don't need it again!
  5. I've never told anyone at any time that I've gone to quit for fear of the repurcussions of people making me feel all guilty when I slip up. It's a vicious cycle.
But...I am going to try and announce to all of you fabulous people and maybe I'll feel more like being successful. Of course, the person that needs most convincing is this one...
(BTW-CJ thought it funny to snap this right before I was headed to bed)

So, I don't have any great quote for you today...other than "This is going to be really hard."
Oh-and I'm really excited that we'll be getting to know Stephanie Haefner a little better tomorrow. :0) 


  1. YOU GO GIRL! You can do it. My email is out. Has been since Friday. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr Anyway, I shall add this to my prayer list for you. I quit years ago. Cold turkey. I prayed to God that he would help me and I craved them for a couple weeks and then it was gone. When I smell THE smell. now I get sick. So THE MASTER will help you. Let's pray together when my email gets back up. Hopefully Monday. I miss my email. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. My dad was big into the sunflower seeds when he quit. Cheaper than cigs and kept his hands and mouth busy. I also remember him mentioning that he cut back by switching to cigs with less nicotine-more filters as he bought them until he was on the really "wimpy" one and then went cold turkey. I think the process being that it let his body slowly withdraw from it. But who knows if that actually affected his ability to quit. Good luck girlie!!! Just visualize all the money saved for your move back to CA!!

  3. I want those book shelves!

    Good luck quitting. ((hugs))

  4. Good luck with it! When I was a teen I worked as a receptionist for a quit smoking organization. One of the tips was to drink a lot of water - apparently it dulls the craving. You can add flavours to it, but it has to be water - not tea, coffee, soda...

    Another (kinda gross) tip was to carry around a mason jar of all of your ashes with you. You use it as an ashtray, but you have to have it with you always. Don't remember the reasoning for this one, but apparently it helps mentally.

    Last one I remember is to add walking to your day - even for 15 minutes or so. Helps clear the lungs & clear the craving I think.

    Good luck! Find some fun & healthy ways to reward yourself too :)

  5. Jemi; Thank you for the tips! I have been drinking more water, and it does seem to help. The cigs don't taste as good as they used to..if it's right after a glass of water especially.

    I have heard the gross tip-it's to imagine your lungs looking like that. EEEW!

    Sherrie: Thank you! ((hugs back)), I want that ROOM! :0)

    Angelia: Scientifically, you have receptor cells that die when you quit introducing nicotine into your system. Those boogers are why it's harder to drop cigs than other illicit drugs.
    Thank you for the well wishes!

    Robyn: That's how my mom quit the first time for fifteen years. She picked em back up after a very difficult divorce. So, I'm certainly hitting my knees a lot! :-)

  6. The photo of the mountains was beautiful.

    I'd like a big library, but not quite as contemporary.

    Good luck with the quitting. Remember, it's one step at a time.

  7. Just found your blog, and I am drooling over that bookshelf photo! I would love that in my house.

    Also I love the writing prompts at the top of the blog - great idea!

  8. Heather,
    Thank you so much for stopping by! I know, that bookshelf is soooo awesome! I hope you continue to enjoy yourself! :0) I love comments and appreciate your input!


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