Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hanging By A Moment

I would type out the lyrics, but I figure I needn't be that cheesy. honor of that day that almost everyone else in the world is all lovey dovey is our song. It always encapsulated how I felt so well and nine years later, I still get butterflies in my stomach when we kiss, or when I hear this song. Truly a scary, roller coaster ride of hanging by moments for us the first few years, but we knew it would be worth it. *whew* We were right.

I love you CJ :0)


  1. I love that you did this! Happy Valentine's Day, Kristi!

  2. :0) I couldn't be completely heartless considering all the love in Blogland. LOL Glad you enjoyed and happy Valentine's to you-Happy Anniversary!!

  3. Love this song! Happy V-Day :)

  4. Awesome song! Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Ain't it grand when you can fall more with each passing day? Hope you had a great day.

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