Thursday, February 25, 2010

10 Things You Probably Don't Need to Know About Me...

I totally stole this from another blogger...but she said I could. :0) I thought it a nice way to get to know the other side of people...the side we don't talk about often. You know..those embarrassing moments or things about you that only friends or witnesses know about? Here are twelve of mine and feel free to use this as a prompt for your own blog. Come one, we all wanna know!

  1. I once had a prank call that started as someone telling me they were from the rock station I listened to. They asked if I would participate in an on air game. "Sure!" I say. Silly girl. The first three questions had to do with my favorite color, food and drinking game. Then it went downhill from there. The questions became a little..uh..shall we say delicate? I tried answering in clever unassuming ways at first. Then I just couldn't avoid them anymore so I hung up. I was so embarrassed when I found out the radio station did not indeed have any kind of on air game.
  2. When I was probably twelve, I stuffed a sock in my little sister's mouth because she wouldn't stop screaming. I still hear about it and she was three. 
  3. One night, shortly after giving birth to Princess Rhiannon, I ran out of my favorite soda, Sprite. I couldn't drink any caffeine or alcohol because I was breastfeeding. So I grabbed my keys and my purse, locked the door and drove the three blocks to the little convenience store. I had my twelve pack sitting on the counter when I realized that ....... I HAD LEFT MY BABY SLEEPING AT HOME....ALONE! Oh my's never happened again and luckily nothing happened. But talk about feeling like a failure. I called my mom and cried for at least an hour.
  4. I directed a school play when I was fifteen. No one really thought I could direct a play and so they really didn't listen to me at all. No one memorized their lines and when curtain call came, the whole play ended up being an impromptu version of what we were supposed to perform. I also walked right out of a high heeled shoe on stage. I kicked off the other one and announced... "These heels are too damn uncomfortable." Which resulted in a lot of laughter from the audience.
  5. I was pushed off of an 8 foot slide when I was 9 and broke my right arm/wrist in three different places. I ended up "going out with" the boy that pushed me when I was 13. Uhm...hello??
  6. I hate, hate, hate my smile. It's thin and crooked. 
  7. I put tuna fish in my macaroni and cheese for a really quick and easy "tuna casserole". No one else in my family likes tuna casserole.
  8. I have breastfed each of my children for at least some period of time. My mother called me Dairy Queen each time. Thanks mom!
  9. Spit up, poopy diapers and snotty noses do not phase me. Gag in front of me and there I go too.
  10. I got stranded in Wheatland, Wyoming when I was 19 and driving from CA to TX. An unexpected blizzard hit and shut down the freeway. There were no rooms and the one restaurant in town was packed. A group of Wal-Mart truckers let me sit at their table with them to order some food. Then we went to a bar across the street and I had my first experience with Tequila. I ended up dancing with several OLD men to Aerosmith and then sleeping in my car wrapped in about five different coats that the truckers had made sure to give me for warmth. (Alone, I did not do anything THAT stupid that night) Thanks trucker guys!
Now, your mission, should you accept it, is to post your embarrassing/little known facts about you. I'd love to see I'm not the only idiot in the world. :-)


  1. I tried to direct a thing once when I was that age. It was actually a slide projector thing (how old am I). We took pictures acting out the scenes then read the script I had written into a tape and played them back with the slides. I've also nursed all my kids.

  2. OMG! Macaroni and cheese tuna fish casserole (w/ cream of mushroom soup) was one of my favorites as a kid. I can't get anyone in my family to eat it. :-)

  3. That was fun! Glad the truckers were so nice!

  4. Stewed tomatoes, tuna fish, macaroni & cheese and canned mushrooms. Now that's tuna casserole.

  5. #3 - Unless you're a robot or a revisionist of personal history, we've all forgotten important child things during that fun post partum period!!!

  6. Patti: That's cool, though. I want to put together a slide show of some sort for my kids when they graduate. I think that would be cool!
    Shannon: Never thought of adding cream of mushroom soup,interesting!
    Jemi: Me too!! Most people couldn't believe I made it through that.
    Writer: Hmm...I don't like stewed tomatoes so that wouldn't work for me!
    PJ: Thank GOD I'm not the only one! LOL

  7. Oh my gosh, my heart stopped a little when reading about you leaving your daughter at home sleeping safe and sound. It's kind of amazing that it doesn't happen to all of us at some point or another, right? I was always terrified of leaving my infant carrier somewhere. Can you imagine? I have this mental image of putting the infant carrier on top of the car and then forgetting and driving away.

  8. OMG, I am laughing my head off about the radio show prank! Sooo mean. Sounds like something my frenemy from 7th grade would have done!

    If it makes you feel any better, during the first two months of post-partum, I constantly hallucinated that my daughter was crying and that my black cat was lurking in every corner waiting to pounce on me. I was one trippy chick in that sleep-deprived, hormone-jacked period. Oh, and I think I locked her and the keys in the car at least once. Thank goodness for city buses to bring the hubby with spare keys!

  9. Thanks for sharing!

    You have an award waiting:

  10. Who pushed you off the slide? I'm vaguely remembering you in a cast...Was it IVAN?

    I breastfed Gavin for 2 1/2 months. After a day of not even pulling my shirt back up, I gave in to the formula's siren call. I wished I'd been able to do it longer

  11. Maxine, I had the cast during state testing, remember? My parents didn't think it was broken, but the school made them take me to the dr. It was Garreth, but he went by Chris in high school..
    And, don't feel bad, Jace was breastfed the shortest amount of time too. I think boys are just too darn hungry!! Rhiannon, my first, was the longest at 8 months.


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