Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Quick SQUEE!!

I had to post a short shout out. First of all, I made someone happy!! Woohoo!! Thank you Melissa at Chasing The Dream for such an honor! I get to list seven things that make me happy. I think it's seven. So here we go.
1) It really makes my day to make someone else happy and today I managed to do that twice. Good day!
2) Root Beer Floats: MMMMM I lived on them while I was pregnant with my son and it shows. :0)
3) Movies: I'm an addict..not only am I a Netflix member, I own over 200 movies and my kids have over 300. It's not a closet full of shoes for me.
4) Books: Of course, duh!
5) The internet: I would be lost without email/blogging/forums/facebook/twitter because it's truly the only place I have friends with common interests, and since moving from California, it's the only place I have friends period. So-all of you cool kids, that means you!
6) Blog Awards. :0) It's just nice to know that someone enjoyed your blog. I need ego boosts every now and then.
7) Pajamas. I used to think the girls walking around in pajama bottoms were weird. I now have three children and could so live in my pajamas. I suddenly see the light!

I'm supposed to pass this on...but I think everyone has it. If you don't, grab it because you ALL make me happy with EVERY comment or email!!

Second bit of good news...My fabulous bloggy pal, PJ, sent me an email today that said I was brilliant. Now, I'm not trying to get everyone to think I'm brilliant. I'm actually..well, really far from it, but don't tell PJ, okay?

More tomorrow on writing short!


  1. This is a great round up of feel good moments!
    I don't know what I'd do without the internet either, or books, two things in my life I enjoy on a daily basis. *g*

  2. Hi Lindsey! Thanks for joining us here! Even though I don't get to read as often as I like, I would be lost if I couldn't pick up a book in my spare moments.

  3. Heh-heh, Your #5 is kind of funny to me cause I'm kind of the same except my friends are back there in East Tennessee.

  4. CONGRATS! Doesn't this award make you want to eat cupcakes while lounging in your PJs watching a great movie, and then washing the cupcakes down with a root beer float, or is it just me? :)

  5. Lee-just know I feel your pain!
    Karen-Thank you so much and heck yes!! The visuals on this award are delicious and imply so many fun activities.

  6. Great list of happies! I haven't had a float in years and years! Must be time to try one again :)

  7. You're brilliant. It's a fact. Your happiness makes my day.

  8. I actually don't have that award. (: Thanks.

    And for the record, if someone thinks you're brilliant, then you must be! (Though, what really matters, is what you think.)

  9. Congrats! :) You totally deserve that one!

    Sorry I've been absent lately. Dentists, holidays from school, marketing, life... it's all got a strangle hold on me! I'll be back in the swing next week I hope. Until then, it may be hit or miss!

  10. Mmm, root beer floats make me happy too! Congrats Kristi!

  11. Thank you everyone!! :0) You all make my day...like totally. :0)


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