Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So Long, Farewell

Here it is noon and I've done nothing productive. Wait, I successfully hid a box the mail brought from the princesses. That's it. Trust me, it's not that there is nothing to do. I am a horrible Christmas shopper....I have stocking stuffers yet to buy and that's on today's list. I also need to bake some more cookies for the princesses to decorate with their cousins. Did I mention I don't even have their stockings, yet? Argh! So, I'm off to join the ranks of millions of last minute shoppers....oh yay. Joy.

So, I'm done with blogging until Dec 27th. I've seen a lot of fellow bloggers unplugging for the holidays as well and I think it's so important. Especially since I'm on T-48 hrs. til Christmas. :0) No stress.

If you are online and bored, or perusing around for interesting, insane, well thought out, random acts of writing-Please take the time to read some older posts. I posted a story yesterday that I would love for you to enjoy. Sunday Inspirations and Saturday Snapshots are always fun, too.

I hope all of my cool kids have the best holiday season ever with many more triumphs in the New Year!!


  1. Hope you have a great Christmas

  2. Enjoy a fabulous Christmas - those last minute gifts often have the best memories attached :)

  3. Enjoy your holiday break, Kristi. I wanted to ask you what tool or gadget is your "What I'm Up to" field. I just started my personal blog and I like that and think I'll add one to mine. Is it the text box?

  4. Happy Holidays, Kristi! Sounds like you need some help from Santa's elves :)

  5. A box that you had to hide? There's a box that's supposed to be coming in the mail any one of these days (may have already come in) and I'm not home to know if it is. So, I won't be able to hide it. Glad I got my Christmas shopping done already (except for that box). It could be sitting there, on the counter, opened, and I won't even know. I hope that it hasn't been. I've been away a couple of days and can't wait to get back tomorrow.

    Glad you were able to hide your box... hope you have a very Merry Christmas...


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