Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kristi's Top Ten

Have you seen these people? They are a mysterious crowd of people, disguised as normal, every day individuals. It takes a keen eye to spot the true breed....WRITERS

Top Ten Ways to Spot a Writer:

10) While holding a pen and notebook in one hand, an unruly child in the other and looking for either a) the glasses on her head or b) the pen in her hand.

9) The gentleman wearing the suede beret downing cappucino in the back corner of a Starbucks while typing furiously on his laptop looks around suspiciously every five minutes.

8) Women with vivid dreams...

7) The quiet, not so fashionable teenager that asks about the story behind every freaking musuem exhibit

6) You walk into her house expecting dinner and a board game, but instead the house is wrecked, the computer is on a screen covered in words, and frozen dinner rolls sit on the middle of the table. Hey, she broke away long enough to play Scrabble.

5) A car that is littered with napkins that can not be thrown away due to cryptic and strange little notations on them.

4) The woman that doesn't want to join the work power walking group every lunch hour and would rather eat drink cappucino's at her desk.

3) The paper pusher that uses google at work obsessively

2) You know she exists-she pops out in pajamas to drop the kids off at school and is often seen wearing the same pajamas when she picks them up, she reads in the car line, and so forgets to move forward in line when it's time, creating a lot of honking and general chaos.

1) And the Number ONE way to spot a writer........

The cute six year old in this picture only brings one thought to mind......

Janet Reid...Query Shark!!!!

I love my group of writers here on the blogosphere, because you all understand, more than anyone in my real life (other than my royal court) (how pathetic?), this really awesome journey in life that creates love/hate, confidence/major self esteem issues, success/failure and the ability to make one question their sanity. Thanks to everyone for your comments and even just lurking. :-)


  1. That pajama thing is so me. My mom keeps warning me to get dressed. She once got in a wreck dropping us off at school in her pajamas. You think I'd learn from that, but no, I still take my kids to school in my pajamas.

  2. I can definitely relate to number 3, especially since my job can be so boring. I'm writing this comment at work.

  3. Great post!! I'm determined not to be the mom at the bus stop in pajamas so I at least change into yoga pants! LOL!

  4. Ha! #1's the funniest, but #2 is ME!!!!

  5. I am laughing aloud at #1! Priceless.

  6. Kristi, I love this! I am so number nine it's scary!!!! My son asked me the other day, "Mama, how many red sweatshirts do you have?"


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