Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Lied...

Remember how the rest of this week is supposed to be snapshots of things/people/ideas that I'm thankful for? Well, I'll get to that in a minute. First I have a very important announcement to make.

I finished my WIP!!! First draft is on uhh screen..and I'm sooo happy!!

The only problem is that it isn't 50K. I know there are a few parts I still have to add to, but I don't know if I can stretch another 9,000 words. I'll keep you updated.

Now, on to thankful......

My incredible, surprising, sweet and loving husband (don't tell him I told you all of that!)

I'm thankful for these kiddos-but this picture depicts their happiness, for which I am thankful!

The only thing better than baking with my princesses? Having the ingredients to do it. For that, I am thankful!

That smile!! I would be lost without this prince's smiles.


  1. The important thing is that you finished the WIP - congratulations!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  2. Congrats!! I always write skinny and have to add. It's less painful than writing long and having to cut! :) Finishing, though... HUGE!!

    And that smile... oh that smile!

  3. Huge congrats, Kristi!!! Woo hoo!!!! Okay, on to some tips on expanding your word count. 1) Look through it, can you add any scenes from your MC viewpoint or other characters? This is what I did, I ended up writing a much better beginning chapter than I originally had. It showed so much more of both my MCs and I'm most proud of that chapter as it morphed into two chapters (that added a couple thousand words). I also wrote the ending twice, ha ha, as I had two different ideas for the end. Write a scene you already have from another characters viewpoint. 2) Have you expanded your characters name from one word to three. You know Mary to Mary Sue Ellen. You do this with the find/replace tool. This can add a good thousand or so words. 3) Have you gotten rid of all I'm, don't, didn't, can't, turn those back into two words. Again use the find/replace tool. This could add a thousand or so words depending on how often you use them. 4)I know other people that turn their characters into major swearers to jack up the word count. :-) Up to you. 5) Have your characters sing a song or read a book out loud to someone. This seems to be a fave Nanowrimo cheat recommended a lot. I think I had my character sing three songs - she did happen to be a singer. But never had her read a book out loud. 6) Expand on a sub-plot that you might have only hinted at or add in a sub-plot if you didn't have one.

    Great job on finishing. That is the most important thing, but if you want that little winner certificate and button those tips can help you get to that 50,000 word count.

  4. Oh, forgot to add, when adding in scenes or correcting scenes, do not delete what you have already written. You probably already know that, but just a warning, the point is to add words not take any out.

  5. YAY Congratulations! Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving with your cute, cute family.

  6. I think it's better to add then have to delete. Happy thanksgiving.

  7. Thank you all :0)

    Angelia: Started going through the contractions late last night. Forgot about find/replace..thanks for reminding me. :)
    LOVE the name idea!! I have several characters and that would do wonders!!!
    Oh and yes-I highlight in red what I know I will delete after I get my little halo for 50K :0)

  8. Yay!!!! Congrats for finishing the first draft.

  9. Kristi,
    I am so incredibly proud of you. What a gal! You are doing an outstanding job and I am proud to know you and to love you. ~ Yaya
    Yaya's Home


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