Saturday, November 28, 2009

The High

Wow, I got a nifty winners badge for my blog, a letter of ego-blowing proportions and I can't wait for December 2nds announcement of goodies for Nano winners. I can't even explain the head change I've experienced since the moment I wrote that final sentence-the one that gives me permission to go back and fix all the glorious crap I wrote. :0) Ahhhccomplishment.

Addiction, for all it's horrible qualities, comes in so many forms. It is something that I can often discuss for hours. Not only illegal drugs, but the legal ones-alcohol, coffee, energy drinks, cigarettes, cigars, shopping, cleaning, collecting, etc.. etc.. I'm so happy to have an addiction to writing. I began to doubt myself, but this crazy nano month really showed my inner critic a thing or two. I'm STONED with relief and happiness and accomplishment. I'm addicted and I'm loving it. Please do not intervene.

So, how long will this high last? Is it better than the pot I did indeed inhale in high school? So far, I'm still walking on air, and that is better than the pot in high school. I know that the support of the writing community vastly improves my high. I love them...err.. that's YOU! Thanks to everyone for your encouraging comments, insightful wisdom (Angelia-your tips on wordcount got me to 50K!) and of course-your sense of humor!

Which brings me to this BRAND NEW really pretty award. Thank you Robyn for choosing my blog to receive such an honor. Sorry it has taken me so long to post it! You know what November does to us. It gives us excuses for all the other stuff we usually do. :0) I will be posting my choices for the award on Monday. I have to really think about's hard to choose!! Would I break the rules if I told everyone to grab it for themselves and I'll post links to your blogs? Guess what. I'm breakin' em. Leave me a comment in the comments section telling me how fabulous I am where you found my blog and then take your award. I will post the links on Monday. Wow-I have a lot to do on Monday, suddenly.


  1. Congratulations! I hope your high lasts longer than well...the other stuff, lol!

  2. I can completely relate to the addiction thing! I'm glad I'm not the only one addicted to writing. My critique group would probably be very glad if I went into treatment- they must be quite tired of all the submitting I do! Oh well, it could be worse, right? :)

    Congrats on you award and for completing NANO!


  3. Congrats, congrats, Kristi!!! I knew you could reach 50K. Glad those little tips helped you cross the line though you had already done the hard work and written a COMPLETE FIRST DRAFT OF A NOVEL!!!!!!! Boggles the mind doesn't it. It is a great high and enjoy your accomplishment.

  4. Kristi, you deserve that award and every other one too. You did Nano and won. You go girl. Doesn't it feel great?

    I love nano. I just had too many hospital visits this year. But I'm so proud of ya and happy for you. CONGRATULATIONS! *hug, hug, hug*


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