Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday's Word Count

Before midnight, even! 870 words this evening despite my day gone awry. I didn't get to walk this morning and let me tell you-the doctor visit was a hard one this morning. I found out that the young prince is way behind in his immunizations and he had to endure FIVE shots this morning. I don't know which of us cried harder. He was a trooper, I felt like a piece of...well..that stinky stuff on the bottom of our shoes on a bad day. With the move across country from CA, our insurance was void and well before you know it, the prince is a year old and missing most of his shots. AARGG

But the real reason for posting is to applaud myself for making my word count goal today. Granted-it's a small word count, but it's a feasible goal and that gives me some self confidence back.

Thursday-870 words written

24,130 to go by Oct. 31

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