Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nano and Kids Tip #2

Monday's WC-1982 (close enough to the 2000 goal, don't you think?)

I'm so happy everyone enjoyed yesterday's recipe and tip for writing crazily with kids. I have more today. First of all, a little blast from the past.....
The Court Jester has been hearing about Nano all month and yesterday when I mentioned it, he looked at me funny.

"What?" I ask
"Well, it's just weird...I keep thinking I've heard of Nano before-and I'm pretty sure that's what Mork used to say, remember Mork and Mindy?"
"Oh my God, really? I'm sure it was Nanoo Nanoo or maybe even Nanook"

Do you remember Mork and Mindy? I LOVED that show, so here it is fellow bloggers-leave me a comment about anything-but especially if you remember what Mork always said to Mindy about his planet or whatever. The Princess Kayla has agreed to draw a name from the hat and that person will receive.... (drum roll please) A very nice tin with Jack Daniels logo(not a bottle of Jack Daniels-sorry) and two matching drinking glasses. Now, contrary to the court jester's opinion-I'm not trying to turn anyone into an alcoholic. I rarely, I mean, HARDLY EVER drink. I hate the hangovers. :) However, I used to work at a liquor store and I have this overwhelming collection of glasses and tins that I'll never use. However-if the idea of this gift offends-I have an alternate to choose from. Keep this in mind. :)

Onto today's recipe. What's a party without finger foods?? For shame! Here is something most men love during football parties and women have been seen eating at baby showers. Plus, it's incredibly easy and quick.

1 package of cream cheese-light if you prefer-left out to get soft
1 package of large dry salame
1/4-1 tsp. of Horseradish
1 chopped bell pepper (optional)
OR some folks like banana peppers (chopped-optional)

Mix cream cheese, horseradish and any other optional add ins. You'll want to use less horseradish for less spicy, more for more-you get it! Spread the mixture onto the dry salame, roll and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. Voila!

Moving right along to our Kid Tip :) Well, this one is going to be more useful for older kids, but even younger ones can join in.

Get Them Involved: Yup, give them a crazy goal for November. This is an opportune time to teach our children about goal setting and daily follow through to meet our goals. Explain to your child/children that this is your goal for the month. Certain sacrifices will need to be made in order to accomplish your goal. If they are achieving their own goal with you, they are more likely to be understanding about yours. Maybe your child can write a story in a month. I certainly wouldn't suggest a word count, but if you tell them you want this to be the best story they've ever written .... They may need all of November to do it. Or, Read a certain number of books for the month of November, stop biting nails, keep your bed made every day, etc.. etc..(The other bonus to this trick is that they don't even realize you are changing habits *evil laugh*) I used to do sticker charts, but found it was so hard for me to remember to stand at this chart every night and wait for my kids to pick out stickers for what they did accomplish, I never stayed consistent. (I hate that word!) So, we do try to make it easier in that now they have all their "stickers" (which are actually pictures velcroed to the chart) to begin with and lose them when they don't do what they are supposed to do. Much easier!!

Hope this helps for some of you. I'll have another tip tomorrow! Have a fabulous day!


  1. I'm pretty sure you are right about what Mork said. I don't know how you spell it, but it's something like nanew, nanew. The recipe is great, and so is the kid tip!

  2. Oh, you're testing the memory bank here. Your Nanoo nanoo did ring a bell, though. I think you're right. I can almost here his quirky high-pitched way of talking on that show too. Too funny!

  3. I love the goals idea. My kids love sticker charts. Now what goal can I give them for November?

  4. Great writing tip! A goal, hmm...

    I will definitelt give the a go round. My ten year old will love it, the three year old as long as it includes a reward system!

    Happy writing Kristi...

  5. Natalie: my nine year old chose the goal of improving her multiplication tables herself (I had her choose between that, writing a story or reading a certain amount of books-she already reads like crazy, so that wasn't challenging enough for her.) My six year old has the goal to quit SCREAMING at her sister and find a new way to communicate. THANK GOD!

  6. I remember watching Mork and Mindy, but I can't remember a lot of the details! Do you remember something about Mork having a huge egg and some older looking dude hatched out of it? Or am I just crazy? LOL!

    Another great tip! I wish I could use it to get my oldest two to try to find ways to get along with each other. They have BOTH been home from school today with a nasty cold, and they are cranky.

  7. Melane, LOL I think they both hatched from some egg, but yes, I recall that episode. You're still just crazy, sorry :) LOL

    Eww sick ones are cranky! My youngest picks on the oldest (I know, backwards) and then Princess Rhiannon does something to purposely make Princess Kayla REALLY angry and it's Round 2!! LOL I hope yours feel better soon!

  8. oooo, great recipe! When my kids are better, we'll have to try it.

  9. I gave you an award on my blog today!


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