Sunday, August 23, 2009

Getting used to something new

Okay, fellow writers.....this is called working on our platform right? Oh, I have to smile as I type this into a strange new screen that I've never experienced. I do follow quite a few blogs on this particular site, but have them linked to my google reader. (If you don't use this incredible feature, and you read blogs regularly-check it out!) So, forgive my errors for at least a month!
Back to platform. I'm many of you unpublished writers feel that it's an important thing? Do you feel you know clearly what a platform is? I don't!! I feel like it must be important with as much as the experts talk about it, and I'm determined. So, here I am with a blog of all my struggles and triumphs and lessons learned through this incredible journey of writing. And not just writing to soothe the soul....writing to get published, reach the world, and pay the bills!! So, if you have comments to leave...please please do! I would like to see what the rest of my fellow authors have to say on their platforms!

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